• OndOldSchool


    March 30, 2019 by OndOldSchool

    Bozo+Talkboy has Loved FOREVER!

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  • MarioBros200120031983

    Bozo: Hey Talkboy! wants Frank bath with me

    Talkboy: ah sure master 

    Bozo: YES!

    Talkboy: Hey Bozo! Why not bathing with Kevin :(

    Bozo: Don't worry Talkboy, has Kevin dead :)


    The End

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  • Special Agent Dale Cooper


    August 17, 2018 by Special Agent Dale Cooper

    So I have decided to reactivate the comments sections for the time being as a sort of test. They require logging in, just like editing, so this may reduce the spam issue we had before with them.

    This would also be a good time to discuss as a Wiki whether we should keep them or not. Overall, it doesn't matter to me either way. The Talk pages are seldom used and the younger audience these films cater to can be much more engaged with the Wiki by using the comments sections. I am aware that may come with its own problems, however.

    So the few of you who edit here, please join the discussion!

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  • Kintobor

    I like Home Alone 5

    June 8, 2018 by Kintobor

    At least it is my opinion. Everyone can think that I'm crazy but this is the fact.

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  • Valuable!

    Harry’s cop disguise

    March 27, 2018 by Valuable!

    If you look on this link, you can see pictures of him and the cop that chases Kevin having the same kinda clothes and guns.

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  • Special Agent Dale Cooper

    So I've created a bot named Torg to assist me with mass edits. His edits shouldn't be appearing in Special:WikiActivity like they have so far, but I'll wait a little while and see if they start becoming hidden. and thus all of his edits are now "behind-the-scenes." If you have any questions or concerns about Torg, please contact me.

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  • Iscreamer1

    Novelization details

    July 14, 2017 by Iscreamer1

    Should it be known that some info from the novelizations be added? Like the fact that Buzz's tarantula is named Axl and that the McCallisters live in Winnetka?

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  • Special Agent Dale Cooper

    Hello, admin here, I just want to make it known that I do intend to do a whole lot of cleanup that this Wiki desperately needs, though I'm not sure when quite yet.

    My main priority right now as far as Wikia goes is the Twin Peaks Wiki, so I don't spend a whole lot of time here. However, that franchise will become much less active come November, so, appropriately, I should have much more free time to devote to the Home Alone Wiki around the holiday season. In the meantime, I will be cleaning up some things (like I've already done with the Kevin McCallister infobox) here and there.

    As always, please help out, if you can. It needs a lot of work and I'm sure I'm not the only one that would like to see this site looking nice and organized.

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  • Special Agent Dale Cooper

    Just so everyone knows, I am the admin, formerly known as MrBelpitsLegs. I had my username changed by Wikia, as I was tired of it and wanted something more fitting for the Wiki I primarily edit.

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  • Hitman Agent 48

    Who is your favorite Home Alone character of all time and why?

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  • Hitman Agent 48

    Hello everyone!

    I am excited to announce on November 20, 2017 is the 25th anniversary of Home Alone 2: Lost in New York! 

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  • Hitman Agent 48
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  • Special Agent Dale Cooper

    New Admin!

    December 20, 2016 by Special Agent Dale Cooper

    Hello, everyone! I am the new admin of the Home Alone Wiki. I decided to step in due to the plethora of articles containing false information, which I already took the liberty of deleting. I hope to help improve this Wiki greatly.

    I am also admin of the Twin Peaks and RoboCop Wikis, in case you're curious!

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  • Special Agent Dale Cooper


    December 4, 2016 by Special Agent Dale Cooper

    I've put in an adoption request of this Wiki. If anyone has any objections, let me know. I feel like we need an active admin here.

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  • WartortleWill

    Home Alone 6

    February 29, 2016 by WartortleWill

    What will it be on Home alone 6?

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  • MrBlonde267

    To celebrate Home Alone’s 25th anniversary, they're releasing 2 exciting new apps based on the movies!

    Home Alone iOS Keyboard

    Why type words to your friends when you can express thoughts and emotions in Kevin gifs? Send expressions, emotions, and holidays greetings using the Home Alone gif keyboard. You can download the keyboard through iTunes if you have iOS 8.0 or later.

    Meme Generator

    Finally, it's here! The "Give ‘Em the AHHH Face" Meme Generator will allow users to pick a background and write a quick meme on the image around Kevin’s face. You can then download or share that image with your friends, family, enemies or just any internet trolls you choose to associate with. This is currently a web-based app.

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  • TheFrankster92

    I can editing the logo for this wikia. It looks promising that i'll send it

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  • BoxcarSmitty


    May 1, 2014 by BoxcarSmitty


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  • Ribonucleicacid538

    What is your favorite character in Home Alone films?

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  • Degrassigirl07

    Kevin McCallister

    January 23, 2012 by Degrassigirl07

    Hey there! I like the character of Kevin McCallister in the Home Alone film series. The reason why I like Kevin McCallister is because he is so smart, which he showed by showing that he was growing up and learning how to be independent when he shopped for groceries and did the laundry, and then set up all those traps to catch the burglars in Home Alone, and then stopped them from robbing Duncan's Toy Chest in Home Alone 2: Lost in New York.

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  • Zingsters

    Hi! I'm your new admin!

    December 31, 2011 by Zingsters

    Hey guys!

    I'm Zingsters, and I'm your new admin! If you need any help, leave a message on my talk page.



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  • Dcn1989


    October 10, 2010 by Dcn1989

    How did you guys figure out when Kevin's birthday was?

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