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Brooke McCallister is one of Kevin McCallister's cousins, she is the sister of Tracy, Rod, Sondra, and Fuller McCallister, and the youngest daughter of Leslie and Frank McCallister.

Home Alone[]

Brooke is first seen packing for the family trip to Paris, France and staring blankly at Harry with Fuller. Brooke is next seen eating pizza and asking her mother Leslie if Santa Claus has to go through customs on his travels. She gets mad at Kevin and Buzz when the two fight over pizza which they were supposed to share. The next morning, Brooke is seen rushing to the airport with the rest of the family to catch the flight. Like everyone else in the McCallister family, Brooke realizes that Kevin is missing and is worried about him not making the flight.

Home Alone 2: Lost in New York[]

She appears in the sequel, though she doesn't have that big of a role as the first film. She makes a snide comment to Buzz about how he can't tan because "his freckles just connect." The next morning, she rushes to the airport to catch a flight to Miami, and realizes, along with everyone else, that Kevin is missing again and is lost in New York. When Kevin's luggage shows up at the airport without Kevin, Brooke appears to be the only one (besides Peter and Kate) to show any concern.


  • In Home Alone, Brooke wears reddish-pink glasses, while in Home Alone 2, she wears light pink glasses.

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