The bucket of industrial strength glue (actually super-strong flooring adhesive) is one of the traps used by Alex Pruitt in Home Alone 3. Its only known victim is Alice Ribbons.

Home Alone 3[edit | edit source]

As Alice Ribbons reaches the backyard gate on the south side of the Pruitt house, she fumbles about with the gate but realizes that it is locked. In frustration, she reaches her hand over the gate to unlock it from the other end, but instead sticks her hand into a bucket of flooring adhesive hanging from the knob. The squishing sound of her mitten making contact with the goopy glue catches her off guard, and she tries to pull out her hand from the sticky trap. After a short struggle, she manages to remove her hand from the bucket, sacrificing her mitten in the process.

Realizing that she can no longer open the gate normally, she opts to climb over it and jump, landing instead up to her calves in mud and getting knocked out by flower pots.

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