Carlotta in Angels with Even Filthier Souls

Carlotta was a character from the film Angels with Even Filthier Souls.


Kevin McCallister watches Angels with Even Filthier Souls in his hotel room. The gangsters moll Carlotta, wearing a 1930's satin evening gown and fur stole and a gardenias flower on her head, is accused by Johnny of infidelity as he thinks that she was smooching with his brother. She denies it and Johnny names the people she is accused of smooching. She denies it again. Johnny then says he believes her "but my Tommy Gun don't!". She proceeds to plead for her life. He proceeds to order her out of the room before he counts up to 3. Before Johnny counts to 3, he riddles Carlotta with bullets. Johnny stops to say "Merry Christmas, you filthy animal", then fires a couple more shots before adding "And a Happy New Year" before firing once more.

During the scenes in Home Alone 2 where the hotel employees, police, and security guards are in the room to confront Kevin about his father's stolen credit card, Carlotta is not seen and heard on screen as Kevin forwards the video tape to Johnny's lines to trick them.


  • The original name of the girl in the scene is Carlotta. This name is used in a final draft of the script (November 1992) from Home Alone 2: Lost in New York
  • The name Carlotta is also used in two novelizations of Home Alone 2 by A.L. Singer and Todd Strasser . 
  • It is possible that Kevin may have seen Angels with Even Filthier Souls before since he knew that Johnny was going to say "you were smoochin' with my brother." He may have also seen her "smooching" with Johnny's brother earlier in the movie, provoking him to say it.
  • The role of Carlotta is credited as "Girl Gangster on TV" and played by Clare Michelle Hoak.
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