Cedric is a bellman at Plaza Hotel in New York City.


He works in the Plaza Hotel as a bellhop, and he cares about tips. He's also very knowledgeable about who stayed in the hotel over the years, as shown when he told Kevin that Herbert Hoover once stayed on the fourth floor. Kevin guessed it was "the vacuum guy", but Cedric actually meant the President of the United States. Cedric (when Kevin was checking in one of the rooms) was searching for his bag when he stopped Kevin was checking the refrigerator Cedric peaked in the bag again to look for Peter's wallet. Kevin almost caught him by saying "Hey!" Cedric stopped by asking him if he wants to put the key in the bag or he just wants to hold on to the key so Kevin wants to hold on to it so Kevin grabbed the key and the bag. Cedric asked him everything is alright and if the temperature in the room look okay Kevin answered it's okay. Cedric asked if Kevin knows how the TV works Kevin answered the TV was his life.

So Cedric started to rub his fingers for a tip so Kevin gives him a piece of gum. The next time Kevin offers a tip, Cedric turns down the offer, believing Kevin is going to give him gum again but is surprised when Kevin offers him an actual tip of money and he attempts to tell him to wait as Kevin shuts the door in his face. After Kevin is busted by Mr. Hector for having a stolen credit card and Mr. Hector is about to hand Kevin to the police, Cedric is among the many hotel staff attempting to catch Kevin and talk to him, but Kevin evades them by using the movie Angels with Even Filthier Souls before leaving the hotel, only to be caught by Harry Lyme and Marv Murchins.

Cedric is later seen taking Kate and Peter McCallister's bags to their room when they arrive in New York looking for Kevin after the McCallisters angrily berate the staff for letting Kevin to check in alone and scaring him away and is last seen handing Buzz McCallister Kevin's bill for his first stay at the hotel and rubs his fingers for a tip, only for Buzz to do like Kevin and hand him the wad of gum he had been chewing. Cedric sarcastically comments "nice family" as he goes to leave before Buzz discovers Kevin's bill and calls Peter to take a look at the bill.

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