Central Park is a park in New York City that Kevin went to in the second film.

History[edit | edit source]

After Kevin loses sight of his family and inadvertently boards a flight to New York City, he gets frightened by the Pigeon Lady tending pigeons when he arrives there.

On Christmas Eve, Kevin encounters the pigeon lady again. He attempts to run, but gets his foot caught; she frees him, and Kevin apologizes for being scared of her. Then, they both watch a Christmas concert in a loft above Carnegie Hall.

While the bandits searches for Kevin outside of the townhouse, he calls the police, and lures them into Central Park, where they capture him. The pigeon lady intervenes, and as Kevin escapes, she tosses a bucket of birdseed onto Harry and Marv, attracting a massive flock of pigeons that incapacitate them. Kevin then sets off fireworks to signal the police, who scare off the pigeons with a blanks gunshot, and arrest Harry and Marv.

On Christmas Day, Kevin gives the pigeon lady the second turtledove, cementing their friendship. When Buzz receives Kevin's room service bill, Peter angrily yells to Kevin and the pigeon lady, "Kevin! You spent $967 on room service?!" prompting Kevin to leave Central Park and immediately run back to the hotel.

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