Chicago is a city in the United States and is where the McCallisters and the Pruitts family reside.

Home Alone[edit | edit source]

Two burglars Harry Lyme and Marv Murchins commit a series of robberies in the suburban areas of the city, until they are stopped by Kevin McCallister (who was mistakenly left home alone at his house when his family went on a holiday to France).

Home Alone 2[edit | edit source]

Kevin travels from Chicago to New York City by accident when separated from his family at the airport, with them traveling to the planned holiday destination Florida.

Home Alone 3[edit | edit source]

Alex Pruitt and his family reside in a rich suburban area of the city like Kevin's family.

Home Alone 4[edit | edit source]

Although the film is meant to be set in Chicago (acting as a sequel to the first two films despite the continuity flaws) it is actually filmed in South Africa. The Royal Family of Great Britain travel to the city to marry a businesswoman and philanthropist Natalie.

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