Deleted scenes are scenes that are not included in the final cut of the movies, sometimes due to extending the movie longer than need be, or sometimes to remove unnecessary plots.

Home Alone deleted scenes

  • Sleepless in Paris Kevin has finished brushing his teeth with the toothbrush he stole and watches Johnny Carson at his parents' bedroom. Meanwhile, at Paris, Peter could not sleep because of his son Kevin being home alone and missing him. Megan and Linnie, in another guest room, also couldn't sleep because of they are worried about Kevin and felt guilty about it. Megan is on the verge of tears while Linnie somberly lays upright in bed. In another room, Jeff also couldn't sleep because of Kevin being left behind at home. Buzz, however, was the only one in Kevin's immediate family who slept. Back home, the feeling is mutual as Kevin misses his family and expressed his regret wishing them to disappear while looking at the picture of his family.
  • Christmas isn't about Paris Late at night in Paris, Linnie comes to Peter, who tells her that they haven't heard anything from Kevin and that Kate just got a flight to Scranton to get to Kevin. Linnie tells her father that it doesn't look like Kate and Kevin will be back in time for Christmas. She says that without Kate and Kevin, Christmas won't even feel like Christmas at all. Peter says they'll just postpone Christmas until they return. Linnie tells Peter that it would be stupid for them to do that because families should not be apart on Christmas, even if they do fight the rest of the year. She also said that Christmas isn't about Paris, it's about families being together. Peter realizes that there's a lot of truth in what his daughter said to him.

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