Doris is Alex Pruitt's pet rat.


Doris is first seen in a cage when Alex gets sick with the chicken pox. It is later seen while Alex is pranking Mrs. Hess by changing the channel on her TV. Doris is seen when Alex figures out where the thieves are going to. Alex tapes a video camera on his toy car and uses it to spy on Peter Beaupre. After getting the toy car back, Alex discovers the chip and shows it to Doris. After calling the Air Force about the chip, Alex asks the rat if they should tell Karen Pruitt about the chip to which Doris squeaks and Alex agrees to keep the chip a secret. After the thieves discover that Alex has the chip, Doris "tells" Alex to fight back which he agrees. Doris is later seen running across the floor and later climbing up Burton Jernigan's pants. When Alice Ribbons sees the rat, she tries to hit it with a crowbar, but Doris escapes and the crowbar hits Jernigan's groin. Doris escapes with Alex and is told to stay in the basement. In the end, Doris and the Parrot are seen driving the toy car which makes everyone laugh.


  • the rest of the Pruitt family


  • cats


  • Like the Tarantula, Doris is used as a booby trap.
  • Alex carries Doris around in a small brown container.
  • Doris seems to be good friends with the Parrot.
  • It is unknown if Doris is a male or female, but the rat playing Doris is a male.


Doris and Alex