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Earl Unger is one of the four international spies and the quaternary antagonist of Home Alone 3.

Home Alone 3[]

He, along with Petr Beaupre , Burton Jernigan, and Alice Ribbons, is one of the four international spies who have stolen a valuable missile cloaking computer chip for a terrorist group. 

Unger is tall, has a stubble, long hair, and dresses as an old man for his disguise during a small portion of the movie. During the final battle, he wears a gray-and-white camouflage suit. He gets electrocuted, a trunk of books and a set of weights fall onto his head along with Petr, then he gets hit by Plaster of Paris, then hit in the head by a window, then gets his feet caught in two pullable Mega Bloks canisters filled with glue, then gets his fingers stuck in a mouse trap, accidentally shoots a sewage pipe (which forced him to change clothes) and, finally, crashes into a frozen swimming pool. He is later found by police (along with Jernigan) and arrested. He is shown to have contracted Alex Pruitt's chicken pox in his mugshot. 


  • (talking to Alice) "Books. Plural, a trunk, full of books. Then a set of weights. We got hit twice, you dumb broad!"
  • "I said, I'm heading to Wuh-ah-ah-ah...[Jernigan runs over Unger while driving] ...Stop, you nitwit!"
  • "Well then it's settled! Tomorrow, whack every kid in the neighborhood!"
  • "When I was in the john, I didn't see anything in there."
  • "In the winter? I packed tropical."
  • "I'm coming for you, shorty, to pay you back for all the misery you caused me."
  • "I saw this door close! Would I make it up? Why? What's the point? We working on commission here?"
  • "I'm gonna have bad knees when I'm old, and I'll have Burton Jernigan to thank."


  • After the movie was finished filming, the mugshots for the villains were retaken for the pictures printed on the VHS boxes. When this happened David Thornton had gotten a very short haircut. This was why his character appeared in the picture on the back of the VHS boxes with short-hair. The picture is still present on the DVD cases for the original DVD releases of Home Alone 3.
  • David Thornton is married to singer Cyndi Lauper.
  • Unger is the only villain in Home Alone 3 with a sense of humor, besides Jernigan.
  • Unger is also the only one of the four to actually smile during his mugshot.
  • Though all four villains could be hostile to each other, Unger would get especially aggressive when approached in a negative light, as shown as when he referred to Alice as a "dumb broad". 
  • His personality resembles that of Marv Merchants and Hughes.
  • According to his FBI file, he is a smoker, drinker, is 6'0" tall, weighs 175 pounds and has brown eyes. Nothing else is known.
  • Unger was the first of the criminals who saw Alex face-to-face. This happened right before he got hit by a water balloon and a bag of Plaster of Paris.


  • Unger's hairstyle changes between his being arrested and having mugshots taken
  • The amount of sewage on his suit changes from scene to scene