Ed and Irene

Ed and Irene in Home Alone .

Ed and Irene are an old couple who appeared in Home Alone. Ed is played by character actor Bill Erwin and Irene is played by actress Billie Bird.

Home AloneEdit

In the movie Kevin's mom, Kate McCallister is trying to get a flight back from France once she's realized that they've left Kevin Home Alone. Kate is seen trying to bribe Irene with various items so that she would give up her flight ticket.

She offers them two first class tickets to return home Friday, along with a ring, a watch, a pocket translator, and $500. Then Ed approaches Irene and tells her to come because the passengers on the flight are boarding to which Irene tells Ed about the offer Kate has given them. Kate also throws in her earrings into the offer to which Ed says that Irene has her own earrings at home and pulls his wife along to the plane.

Kate then begs them and telling them that she's desperate because her son is Home Alone. Touched by the plea, Ed and Irene decide to take her up on her offer and decide to wait to go home on Friday while Kate takes their flight to Dallas, hoping to find a flight home to Chicago.

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