The model is a minor, but memorable character in Home Alone 2: Lost in New York.

Home Alone 2: Lost in New York[edit | edit source]

When Harry and Marv are walking down the sidewalk in New York City, Kevin walks by them without seeing them. Harry turns around and tells Marv that he thought he saw something, and Marv turns around to look at what Harry had seen. However, because he wasn't paying attention to where he was going, Marv accidentally bumps into a young fashion model who had stopped to check her watch in order to see what time it was, causing his hand to get stuck to her handbag. He manages to rip it off after several tugs and attempts to flirt with her in French with "Pardonnez moi, mon cherie". The Model isn't impressed and slaps Marv across the cheek as her way of telling him she's not interested, shooting him an icy glare before leaving. Harry then tells Marv that it serves him right and walks off, while Marv feels his cheek and remarks that he thinks the Model likes him.

The next day, as Kevin escapes the hotel staff, when Harry and Marv capture Kevin and take him with them, they stop at a street corner, and after checking to see that they're both not looking, Kevin gooses the lady who is standing in front of them, who turns out to be the fashion model. She gasps in shock at the sight of Marv, remembering him from the previous day's encounter, and gives him a strong punch when he says hello, believing him to be the perpetrator of the goosing. As Marv falls and lets go of Kevin, the latter then tells the Model that Harry was the perpetrator, and the Model gives the same treatment, making him fall to the ground as well, while also letting go of Kevin. Kevin thanks the Model for her help, and she nods to him while smiling in a "you're welcome" manner and leaves while Kevin turns and makes his escape by running into Central Park. She is not seen in the rest of the film after that.

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