"Look what you did, you little jerk! "

Frank McCallister to Kevin[src]

Frank McCallister is the older brother of Peter and Rob McCallister, husband of Leslie McCallister, and the father of Tracy, Rod, Sondra, Brooke and Fuller McCallister.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Trip to Paris[edit | edit source]

Frank lived in Ohio and drove his family to his brother Peter's house to leave for a family vacation to Paris.

While preparing to leave, Frank did not allow his nephew Kevin to watch a movie.

Frank later retrieved pizza ordered by the family, but left the responsibility of paying for it to Peter. Later, while eating with the family, Kevin got into a fight with his brother, Buzz causing a giant mess in the kitchen, thus prompting Frank to call Kevin a "little jerk".

After the family managed to sleep in due to an electrical outage, Frank rushed along with them to the airport. On their flight, Frank attempted to smuggle glassware, but was caught at the last minute. Later, after it was realized that Kevin was forgotten at home, Frank attempted to comfort his sister-in-law, Kate, by saying that he forgot his reading glasses.

Later, at his brother Rob's Paris apartment, Frank found a shrimp appetizer and ignored his other sister-in-law Georgette's statements that the shrimp was to be saved for later. He asked Peter if he had gotten anybody to check on Kevin and Peter responded that no one was home for the holidays.

Trip to Florida[edit | edit source]

A year later, while preparing for the family's trip to Miami, Florida, he observed his son Fuller drinking a Coca-Cola, which he then took from him, saying, "Hey, hey, easy on the fluids, pal. The rubber sheets are packed", taking the soda for himself.

Later, as Frank was taking a shower, Kevin entered to get his tie, but after Frank found out that Kevin was in the bathroom too, he said "Get out of here, you nosy little pervert or I'm gonna slap you silly!"

At a Christmas pageant the McCallister children performed in, Frank laughed at Buzz placing candlesticks behind Kevin's ears during his solo, despite Leslie's efforts to get him to stop laughing.

After Kevin ruined the pageant by hitting Buzz, the older brother apologized, but Kevin refused, prompting Frank to say, "You better not wreck my trip, you little sourpuss. Your dad's paying good money for it." Kevin then called Frank "Mr. Cheapskate", much to his offense.

In Miami, he was the only McCallister to not pass the bag to Kevin, due to their argument the previous night.

Later, the family went to New York City to look for Kevin and spent their night in the Plaza Hotel. After hearing Buzz's speech of their good fortune for being allowed to stay in the luxurious hotel thanks to Kevin, Frank clapped for Kevin and said, "OK, Kevin! Alright! Merry Christmas!" and then he went to open the presents with the rest of the McCallisters.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Uncle Frank is grumpy, often looking on the negative side of things and arguing with his brother and sister-in-law.

He's also a bit cheap as seen when he took some champagne flutes on the flight to Paris.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In a deleted scene, Frank plays a prank on Kevin by saying that his nickname in France would be "yank" while he pulled Kevin's pants off.
  • In the script for Home Alone 2, Frank's full name is stated to be Francis.
  • In a still-unreleased deleted scene for Home Alone 2 Lost in New York, as the McCallisters are about to board a flight to New York after learning that Kevin was tracked down via Peter's credit card, Frank complained about Kevin ruining another family vacation to which Peter and Kate stood up and told Frank to stop.
  • Frank isn't well-liked by many fans of the Home Alone franchise due to his antagonism towards Kevin.

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