Gus Polinski, the "Polka King of the Midwest," is a minor character from Home Alone in 1990. He was played by the late John Candy.

Home Alone[edit | edit source]

Gus first appears in the Scranton airport when Kate is trying to get a flight to Chicago. Upon hearing about her dilemma, Gus offers her a ride, which Kate gladly accepts.

Gus later appears in a Budget truck, and he and his band, the Kenosha Kickers, are playing their version of the song "Deck the Halls" while Kate listens. At one point, Gus stops playing the clarinet, offers it to her and asks her if she plays; she shakes her head. When he tries to get her to blow a tune, Kate refuses to do so. Gus accepts this and keeps playing the clarinet while Kate listens, liking the song.

Gus is last seen telling Kate that she's beating herself up when she tells herself she's a bad parent. "You want to talk about bad parents? Well, look at — look at us", he explains, and then gives her examples about his bandmates being bad parents themselves ("I mean, we're on the road 48, 49 weeks out of the year. We hardly even see our families"). When Kate asks him if he ever went on vacation and left his child home like she did, Gus thinks for a minute and then tells her that while he didn't do something like that, he did leave his son at a funeral parlor once, and then explained that while it was terrible and that he and his wife were distraught, his son turned out OK after six or seven weeks in that he came around and began talking again. Gus then remarks to Kate that kids are resilient, and that they're able to get over things like that. When Kate says that maybe they shouldn't talk about that, Gus tells her that she had brought it up and that he was just trying to cheer her up, and Kate says, "I know. I'm sorry I did."

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • He was known as the Polka King of the Mid-West, and plays the clarinet.
  • He is the only character in the first two Home Alone films that Kevin doesn’t interact with.

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