Harry about to run over Kevin, but is stopped by Marv.

Harry and Marv's van is a pale grayish blue 1986 Dodge Ram van that says Oh-Kay Plumbing and Heating on the side and appears in the first Home Alone film. The van first appears at the beginning of the film parked on the streets of Kevin's neighborhood and Harry and Marv are seen in the van planning to rob Kevin's house. Harry drives the van and Marv sits in the passenger's seat. Harry pulls the van up to Kevin's house and parks it behind the house. He and Marv then try to break into the house, but then the lights come on and the burglars leave in their van. The next day, Marv is seen loading junk from the Murphy's house into the van and hops into the passenger side. Later in the film, when Kevin is walking across the lane, Harry, who is driving, doesn't see him and almost hits Kevin. Harry tells Kevin to watch where he's going, and says Merry Christmas to him. It is unknown as to the whereabouts of the van after the film ends, as it does not appear in Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, it was presumably towed away. In Home Alone 4, a similar van appears being driven by Marv and his wife Vera.

The side view of the van.

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