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Yes! I passed the 17th level!

  1. Finn, pause the game until they arrive!

But this is a mega boss battle, Look at this snow! There has never been one in California ... for sure! You know, I've seen a lot before Christmas, but Christmas is Christmas. In the frozen tundra, where dragons and warriors ice has weapons that spray them directly. Let's get back to reality! You will like it here!

  1. I promise!

No more screaming, and Fin ... battle cries. I'm serious. Turn it off! Well, kids. Welcome home! Mother, dear. -Dad. -What do you think? Oh, it's horrible, it's great! Great, baby!

  1. Sinister is!

Let's look at the inside. Kids, come on! How nice! It'll be just like home, after you strike it! See how much space there is! How do we afford it? Have someone died here ... or something? Alexis! I'm serious. People find bodies in the basements of these places! Nobody died! Made a good deal, people are moving, we use! Maybe it's haunted! Or are we on the Indian mound. If you dig in the garden, I bet you'll find bones. -Alexis. - Whoo, yeah. - Just trying to scare you, friend. Mom! Did you hear that? Spirit is it?

  1. No retailer's estate nedzhivimi

Hello Bakstars! Make subsequent changes to your new house. Here's a gift! Oh. Thank you!

  1. Oh, you must be children!

Yes, kids!

  1. Welcome to Maine!

Not so good with people, the better the virtual robots with wireless phones. You will like it here!

  1. I guarantee it!

I want out of this pushtinyak! They are so cute right? -Catherine, that's key. -Thank you. And if you have any other questions ... I have a question!

  1. What is it expensive?

Is the house haunted by ghosts? Haunted? Cut the crap. Just have ID! What does that mean? Welcome, Mr. Hughes!

  1. Nice vehicle!

Are you going to the prom or something? Is that the best you could do? Hughes is Jessica! it deals with security and retirement. Let's get started, shall we?

  1. Pleased!

This here is our next target! Creepy old house? Not any sinister house, my dear! This house belonged to ... Jimmy Graben, a butleger.

  1. I'll steal boots?

These are alcohol smugglers in the 20s. Boots or not, I am interested in how much you pay me. Jimmy Dedley grave was known for two things: First: it smuggled "Moonlight." and second - he was the former owner of a priceless work of art. "Widow" of Edvard Munch. Oh dear, not again ... Finally I found it! They keep saying they found her, we went to the museum in Boston the bank in London, even in this farm in Peru. I do not think it's worth. I'm out. -Worth. I went over. That's all I can say! I went over.

  1. A good!

Well, I think you found a safe-cracker. Yes. - I feel nauseous. - However, it lacks ... Despite my advice, she fell in love with our last safebreaker. Of course, do as ochakavashe! Now see, this house is sold and you get in there before anyone has done. This is Kathryn Baxter! Look what the mailman has brought us! From Hoguards or ... This is an invitation to a Christmas party this week at "place" owned by my boss. And by "place" I mean private mountain ... Oh, wow. Look at this egg punch, elves, Santa Claus. The children will love! Hi honey! Look what I found! Your old popstar singing machine! Remember? I've played with this toy when I was young. Tatkooo love you! You're so annoying! Get out of my room! Hey, you wanna come down and help me unpack your mother. Better to die.

  1. Perfectly.

I downloaded it, lol. Hello, friend! Oh, you play. I was hoping you would help me to unpack. What do you think? Right now I have more things to kill.

  1. Playing with another child?

Online play constantly.

  1. Yes.

It's cool my friend. Once I met him in the real life? -No. -He is your friend, what do you know about him? Prefers Balls grenades.

  1. Yes. Who prefers them ...

Ever think to have real friends? -Why? -Buddy, you should get out of the house for a while. You know, to try something new, right! To show finger out! You know what I mean? Oh man!

  1. How does it always?

All right, turn it off, as long as the games. Let's go. -Good. Coming! -Done. You can arrange the glasses? -I'll say no. -Yes. -It smells like California, it's air, buddy.

  1. Do you smell that?

-Everywhere! Yes, it smells good. -It's a tent! -Yes. Once you have it, they can not camp. Two men out, what do you think? You hate camping. Maybe they need to get out of the conflict zone! Will you tidings, in the basement, buddy? And it is there. I'm going with you. Let's go! People find bodies in places like basements! / i Level in the basement of Dragons and Soldiers is a prison full of ghosts! Well, in real life the basement ... just a basement ... You can do it! Dead Leg watching! Down in the basement is scary message in. .. Mom ... I know, but ... Come on out and play. There is a neighboring child, which you can play. I do not want to get acquainted with anyone. Can not we just go upstairs and play the game. Finn would not be trying to tell me you're afraid to cross the courtyard to meet with a friend? We have not even talked about. Ask him what he does for fun. Oh, guys, so sorry. What do you do here for fun? Lots of things. You know, like a snowman, snowballs to sledding, Like what? to build castles, ski, make snow angels, snow shoes I mention making snowballs? I understand, but is there anything that does not involve snow? We can make snowballs! Maybe you can come to us and play video games. I 'Robot 3 "multiplayer is, you could be one of the robots! No, no way. Why not? -The house is haunted! So the owners are delivered! Haunted? The door is constantly open, the lights go off for no reason. One person was killed there. Suffocated as he slept and died. Not true. This is not true. Oh, the truth is, Mom told me a long time ago. Night time walk around hear, dragging his leg wants revenge for all. I want to go, but I'm too young to die. Dead Leg watching. Come on big boy - stop the game and off the lights. Hi, honey! Do you like your new room? Echo ... Put your headphones! - -Look, I know that this move is hard for you ... -Then why are you here, mom? My new job. Big step for me. This is something that I work too long. But most importantly, the reason why we decided to move is we your father want the best for you and your brother. Best in Tablet 32GB? There are more holidays than gifts! Awesome. Lent Christmas. Oh, come on, we did it! Baksatrs moved to Maine! Meyntsi, Maine Meynontsi ... Are you done wrong? Did not ruin our family, because of this fucking job, no measure it? Honey, we appreciate it! And I will be the best vice president ever had! -Crossed the country! Kids hate me. That's not true and you know it! Alexis hates me! Well, I hate you, but you have to put up with it. And our son spend all his time glued to video games. Need a little landing, that's all ... He has no real friends. Friends of his age, not of cyberspace. He is afraid of his own shadow. There is a strong imagination, so what? - He traveled and floors looking their victims. / i -Mom, kashta is haunted! -What? Oh, buddy. Okay, look, I understand that change can be scary. Moving is never easy. It's not about the change, Father. This is a matter of survival! I'll sleep here ... Lucky Number. Its too big to be afraid of ghosts! Real life is very hard to add other things to be afraid of. Chu, boss! Go back to bed, everything will be fine! Tomorrow will regret it! What if I choke when I sleep? Go back to bed! Well! So if you sleep there, I'll take precautions! Battle Force 256 load the gun and turn the scanner. The batteries are charged and ready for battle with the spirits. This is number 12. What is going on here? -Gotcha! -Hey! I tried to catch the spirit!

  1. Oh dear, heard.

This tent is it? I did not know how to do it - a vampire or a zombie. Do not touch this anymore! If you prove that the house is haunted, you can go back to California! You're an idiot!

  1. Alexis, do not call your brother an idiot!

-Finn, listen ... You know what? Honey, I'm fine, I'm fine! -Hey! I'm sorry, Dad! Hey, buddy! Fine, it was ... impressive! I heard it, Dad! It was a ... Wait in here! Where is it? Move like someone slipping! Oh, man ... I just see a branch from the tree! Perhaps you have heard it. I know it's different in our new house, but I promise ... there is absolutely nothing that can be afraid! -It's too late! -Someone already has done! That will not stop me! I'll just wait until the house was empty and then ... Will hit! For all of us today is the big day!

  1. I'll buy a Christmas tree

then get a new decoration and together we will decorate your new walls. - How's that sound? - I have to get ready - the spirits are around. Spirits only in video games, they do not exist in real life. Especially at Christmas ... Spirit of Christmas House, the spirit of Christmas present, the spirit of Christmas future, party spirits ... So I will take your tree! Because little known fact is that due to the Christmas spirit of spirits! We must leave soon clears the way your father.

  1. Hurry up!

This will cancel a lot of time! Come! I can do it. How do you manage that?

  1. Amateur!

What harbors, small?

  1. Setting traps for ghosts?

We will prove that this place is haunted! You'll see when we get home! No ghosts! Just joking with you! Oh, there!

  1. So what's your big plan?

Pack them and put them under the tree? See if the Spirit go from here, this wrap will tear ... Which proves that the spirit is real! Um, what if the real ghosts just go through the door? Not helping! Path is cleared. It'll be fun!

  1. Friends, are you ready?

He could shoot the door and we enter with masks, I used to R. Reagan. Open and yelled, "Everybody on the floor and nobody move" Very impressive. Why do not you shut up? - There we are! - Hurry! Oh, Christmas cookies! First eat the head, then arms and legs. Remember - enter my team in goals invisible, like ghosts! - Roger that, boss! - Got it? So you understand? Leave behind dirt and snow, and eat cookies! - I'm her husband, Curtis. How are you? - It's my fault. I do not care whether it is a Christmas person, or coconut cake, topped with chocolate. Coconut sweets, chocolate was poured favorite Steven. Shut up both of you! Just do the service. Okay, take a deep breath. Find a window with a good view and watch. And you're coming with me. - Can I pour some milk? - Immediately! - There is nothing here. - Old Man is like to think so. You know, sometimes I'm amazed by you. - Your turn is Reagan. - Now you see amazement. So do the best. Oh, look at that. Reminds me of me in. .. Steve. - That's what I was talking about. - Got it? Move! I do not understand! Perhaps someone had been here earlier. - Gigi My favorite has to be here. - Your favorite what? I had to have a house, grow old together. Honey, I miss you. Would you answer my calls? Damn, gotta go. Please give me a call. Code "red" code "red:. Code "red". Evidence, go, go. Well, while your mother is okay with ropes Fine with Alexis go back in. .. Now will push back, take her friends. Beware! Christmas party Mr. Carson invites you to her private Mountains Take the kids with you. Please come at 19:00 on December 18. - Are you sure that you saw something? - Yes, there was a window. Dude, have you heard the story about the boy who cried spirits? - My phone is broken, you moron! - I need to check the traps I left. Fine, come here, we need to talk about it. Come see! Look, look! Were 6 and 4 now. All this tells me that you have not heard me not to eat them for breakfast. Look trap spirits! - See, the spirit is gone out of the basement. - This has been a very ominous. Do not encourage him. Honey, tell them nothing. - Something is broken tape. - Nothing was coming from the basement! - Funny you! - She's right - there's nothing and will go check. - Dad, wait! - Let's fix that. - I burst with laughter ... - Lights, take the pan and leave. I go ... I'm ... All right. Folks, there's nothing here. You need not be afraid. Come on. It must be late. Let's go! Hello? Family? Hello? My new boss is strict accuracy. We have to go! I wonder if this tie looks good on me? It would be good to go in time to put on his pants. Trousers, wow! Alexis? - We go to the party after 5 minutes. - Why did not you tell me? - I told you so many times for the party, my new boss. Nothing I did not tell you? Had fun yesterday. Should I still do it? Yes, you! What are you doing? They cried. - Turn it off! - I picked up the level. I am so close to victory. - I will not discuss it. - But, Mom, I would break based on Captain Arnold. You can finish this tomorrow. Come on, we'll be late. - Well, what should I come? - Look, it's Christmas party. There will be children. Yes, you have to talk to them, I will ask questions ... - Will I have to sing? - I understand that is afraid of new things Put your shoes. Go for your sister. - What is going on here? - Someone took my headphones. - What? - Enough. Family Meeting! Will be back in California - because neither spirits nor for teenage rebellion. You will have learned to love this little town, this eerie house, because you have! We are on the other side of the country, it makes us smile, you do not feel guilty? - So you want to be, right? - Can I loved it, while you have fun there. Well, you can stay here. We go to your father's hottest Christmas. - Seriously? - If you want to stay - stay! - Good. - But there are a few terms and conditions: First, Alexis will watch Finn. - Wait ... - I agree. - And no video games! No games, no TV, no phone. - You have to leave their phone. - These are my rules - no phones. - For emergency. - Thank you, darling. Only emergency. Well, I'm glad everyone got what he wanted. Entertainment will be part of this family. Merry Christmas Children will be called from the celebration. - Never seen vam Mom so angry. - Anyway - So, will you watch ... - You leave me alone and I'll leave you. - But they took my joystick. What to do? - I do not care. Whatever you want. We are alone at home. Whether you sell one? You need to fix the ankle Who is Gigi? - What? Who is Gigi? - Smashing safe said: "My Gigi should be here." You know, you look body? Come. Gigi was my great-grandmother, and when you want to know - it's "widow." The artist was so inspired by her eruption that created this masterpiece. In the picture she is standing with her children. My family. It was stolen decades ago, I would have to find her. She preinadlezhi. - Are you okay, honey? - Why? Because I still retain control of Finn. Thank you. I do not know, Finn had to press a little bit, but leave him alone in a strange place? You know, we are a few hours away would be good. And, hey, you learn responsibility. - Jump on the couch. - I can not hear. - I eat "bad" food. - I do not care. - I broke the lamp. - I can not hear, and I do not care. Finn Baxter. Ready for action? Yes, Commander. Timer is loaded. Cool! - Nice to see you. - And me. - Maybe it's Santa Claus? - Welcome! The new addition. - See you later. - Mr. Carson, thank you very much for the invitation. Of course, you're part of the family. Capture us. Albert did not pay you to live a love. Please congratulate the new vice president. You look like my servant Albert, are identical. Oh, and the same tie. - You and children 7? - Actually two. I do not like sticky little hands. Where are they? Want to watch a movie so we decided to stay home. Awesome. I'll have more free time for deer-waiters. I hired the best Santa Clauses in the country to serve us. Here's one of them. This time you will die! Yes Low Battery What is it? No, not batteries! Come, join! Join! Oh, no, no! Yes, well, well! But nope! No! No! Hello! How are things with you? Silence is no music or television. Actually read. - I am. - Yes, and it's not label lipstick. Well, it's not "War and Peace", but read. - Well, what about Finn? - It is down playing with snow kid. - Really? Awesome! Look, here is raining snow. When you warm enough it? You do not have to call every five minutes - only for emergency's - Will you write SMS as we go. We love you. - We. Now will you help me? It will take you 10 seconds! You'd better go down and get your battery. Then I go to the mall, but not tell Mom I'm coming out! - Do we have a deal? - Yes. - What was that? - Do not be such a wimp! - Got it! Let's go! - Why do you think there are ghosts here? I have found the spirit of the room! See! It was locked! I tried to open it!

  1. Spirit opened it!

If you're trying to scare me, not to succeed! The premise just seems empty in "Robots 3", you can find 8 rooms that look empty, but a secret door! Enough with these stupid video games smotlyo! There are no secret doors! See? - Come! This is amazing! Well we saw it! Let's go! - It's a creepy family! -Yes! Wait, wait! Come here! Check it out! See! Look at the eyes of the old woman! I chuvstovoto that move! She is watching us! No! She looks you! It was fun! What have we here? Touch me and I'll drink regret! Dead Leg What is it? Oh, the phone, the phone ... Fine, I'm locked! Open the door! Fine, come here! Finn, can you hear me? How to get to get out? It will take too much time to descend down the mountain! Sounds good! I want to go before Finn is scared to death of ghosts! I love you!

  1. We?

- Excuse me baby! Say goodbye! - Please attention all ... There is good and bad news ... The bad news is that this small snow storm came on he ... And all the roads leading to the mountain will be temporarily closed! Excuse me, Sir, for how long? - Good question, Carla! - Catherine, actually! For those who do not know Bakstar Carla is the new vice president! And about how long to expect closed roads - I have no idea ... But the good news is that there is enough punch for everyone. Distribute it to her, Santa! I'm here! Hello, Finn! I'm down! Who the hell has a similar house? It's so strange. Why do you talk yourself? Alexis! Come out yet? Will little more time here. There is a frozen pizza in the fridge. Make sure Finn was in bed by 10:00. Well, a deal is a deal! It's okay! Have fun! Do not worry! Well! I guess not to worry! Yes I'll take the punch! Nah ... - How ever I win? Accept the invitation to chat sound ... Beat me every time, how do you do? - Sandy? - Andy, I am! How old are you, dude?

  1. Ten.

- I thought you more if I knew that my child would not beat it! - So what if I'm ten? No, you're good, smash them, you just have to protect your character! - Do you know what the word protect? - At ten I'm not an idiot! - Yes, I'm sorry! - How did you become so good? Practice! You can devote 10 to 14 hours a day to play! - Priorities! - My parents do not allow me to play even for an hour a day! There's your problem, I'm living! - Playing video games all day and night? And no one makes you clean your room? - Yes. - It is better than college! - Sounds great! I wanted the new game of robot for Christmas? What do you wish for? - I do not do a lot of Christmas stuff and no longer live with their relatives! - So you will not visit them for Christmas? No cash for a ticket now, but anyway .. I will not celebrate Christmas?

  1. I'll spend it alone.

- If you are alone, not really Christmas! - I had never thought of that before! - I'll keep you company! Want to play again? - Of course. I'll give you some guidance. You have to go? - Do you believe in ghosts? - Fine, believe in the existence of the planet has many mysteries. It's okay! This is just one branch!

  1. Only a branch!

Dead Leg! - Well, the perimeter is clean! - No go! It's okay! I think I just saw someone in that window above. Move or shade ... One man in town told me that this house is haunted! Thief stole a picture of your great-grandmother was murdered in that house. He was killed in this house! See this house probably did not want anyone to touch his money! Maybe we should do something as a ritual to clear the house. Do not be ridiculous!

  1. You can meet someone sign-gangster.

And there are still no signs to enter, go get tools. You too! Come! - Dude, do you still hear me? - Ghost is back on! Have you watched a scary movie or pobodno? - No! - Whatever you do, do not watch scary movies at night. Can not you think a good idea, but you can not understand. - You have to do something! - Hiding under the covers sometimes helps! It does not help! I'll be back soon. - I thought it was a Christmas party! - It's a ghost! Ghost! It's not possible! Must be some kind of protection system ... that's all. - Maybe not all have gone to the party! - Do not be silly, Santa, Elf, Egg Punch. People from small towns like such things. - I do not know, divine spirits. - I feel them too. Oh, come on crap no ghosts fools. Listen only. Come! - They walk at night, I'm not crazy. - I spit on your heels. Code Red! Code Red! Get back here! Back! It worked! The ghost left! - What is this?

  1. Fine!

Alexis! Home? Fine ... - Mom? - Fine ... - Dad? Fine ... Fine ... - I'm fine ...? - Alexis? Get me out of here! - I'm Locked down in the basement! - In the secret room? - Yes! From sumatii time they scream! - I'm in the bathroom on the second floor. I thought you were at the mall! I wanted to have in the mall! Where are Mom and Dad? - Sent a message that will be delayed! - Make a great ... It's eerie here! You get me out of here! Coming! Oh, she can not hear me! 'll Izmekna somehow, I promise! She still can not hear me! Hi Finn! - Oh, how much snow! - You want to make snowballs with me? Trying to make the perfect snowball! - I do now! My sister is locked in the basement and need to buy some things for her out! - Oh, cool! See you later! This makes 2152 dollars and 71 cents! - Who can write a check? - We accept checks only from people with a driver's license! I left my money in other pants! What can I get for $ 1 and 68 cents? Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas - Sorry! - Easy, young man, for where's your hurry? Are you a fire somewhere? America! A latte with milk! About $ 3! Thanks, but will not go in that house. What can I do to make you enter an empty house and steal a simple picture, tell me? More money! Oh yes, more money! More money? You must be kidding! For you know, leaving behind, or you acting amateurish? How can you want a bigger piece of the quarry. I believe Gigi wants your back! - OK! We have a deal! 25% for you, 25% for it and 50% for me! - Well, the ghost change deal! - What? - Look, I'll split it evenly, otherwise you go and say goodbye to Gigi ... You heartless woman! - Want to help me finish my castle? - I can not right now! Thieves will try to get at us! - You must stop them! - Oh, great! Goodbye! Really? Alexis! Attacked our house. They want to rob us. This is not one of your games, Finn! I do not know what happened to the spirits, but there are thieves who ... Stop dawdling and get me out of here! Or find someone who can ... What friend? Need more advice? Thieves invade my home and I do not know what to do! - Which game are you talking about? - They are almost here. How do I stop them not to come? Sounds like a game with the protection of the city!

  1. Right!

What options do you have for protection? I do traps! Not only do 1–2, the key to these games is to screw the enemy! You should analyze the victim and the perimeter! And to put the traps! But the real victory traps to knock the opponent! As your characters! I knew the secret! How Arsenal have now? No the only thing you can afford to buy one spool thread! I must say that this game is amazing! What can you use?

  1. I can use, I'm in my water!

Yes, just so you have to think and play! I can do it! I know you can! You're one of the smartest kids I know! If you need any other advice - I will be online next 10 years probably. - You know what my dad always says? - What? Exit the house, while his young friend! Enjoy real life! This is the best game, right? The only thing to fear in this house - I am! Wait, look at this! You see, the house is haunted! The ghost is back! Really? And the spirit has used this bucket? - He is right! - Come on! - Concentrate! - Yes! A group of criminals will be stopped by one icy spot! Well follow me! Since it is the easiest way to get there! Hurry up! - Bolted to something! - Come supermenke ... Oh, shut up and go help her! Come! Stop crying! Jessica walked around the perimeter of the house! See if there's an open window! And you, Mr. President, go through the garage! This house seems to think. Unlike someone I know. No. What are you looking at? I went. Untie and opened the door. Do not be afraid of ghosts. Come help Rudolph. Now what do you say? The house caught me! Yuck! Thieves pictures? Awesome! Traps my work. Look, looked on the Internet and did not find the game you're playing. Not a game, but reality. It is so cool. Ah, well. I'm sorry. Wait! You're telling me that in his time all alone and real thieves are trying to get into you? Yes, my sister is locked in the basement. I gotta go. Wait! You should call the police, your parents, or Jack Bauer. Where do you live? Sorry, but I can not give you this information. It is risky to strangers. - Thieves are trying to get into your house! - I gotta go. Second level. Finn? Finn? - Finn? - My sister!

  1. Traps my work.

These are art thieves. They want to steal the picture. And that means that come right now. You should call the police. Call your mom and dad to an adult. Can you hear me? The battery is down. Learn to load it. It's okay I think a spirit. I do not care even if they think of Santa Claus. Do not worry. If they come, we go to Plan B. For what plan B mean? Alexis's phone I am currently busy. Leave a message and your call. Still has voice mail?

  1. Something is wrong here.

You can hear their voices. Perhaps already in bed? It's pretty late. Maybe, but I'd like to hear it from their mouths. I know, I ... Your attention, please! Time for some good news. The roads will be opened after 3 days, maksismum 4. Crunch will pass. Mr. Carson, Mr. Carson. If you have any questions, contact your service over there. No, no, sorry. I do not work here. Sir, three days is unacceptable to stay. People need to get home. I have to go now! I have two children at home, which I can not touch, so we can go home. There must be something like a snowplow or helicopter - I'll drive. It is no longer a party urgency - urgency mother's You have to go home and see my children. Excuse me, sir, but it's more important than my work and if you get fired. Actually, I have known in forestry who owes me a favor. Thank you!

  1. Thank you!

Help me. Get me out of here. Hughes, help me. Hurry. You look terrible. Help, get me out of here! Catch her left leg, I'll go right. Start of the "three": Stop yelling!

  1. Stop hitting me!

Stop kicked! How dare you? Drive carefully. Quickly, but carefully. Who is it?

  1. ?????????.

Mrs. Baxter, talking about your son.

  1. Who are you?

I do not know, but I want to tell you that your dreams well. Where do you know my son? It's Complicated met on the Internet.

  1. What?

Well, was not speaking properly. Who are you and where have my number? Hacked profile Finn and I took the information from your credit card. I'm afraid that something bad happened to him. - He hurt you, my son? - What? What? No! My name is Simon Hessler, and your daughter is locked in the basement. - You kidnapped my children? - What? No, I know it sounds crazy, but ... I'll call the police, you bastard! Please let me explain. I'll destroy! This was not my plan. What is going on here? Spirit. Healthy him angry. Shut up! Namerimnachin should not go into the house. See open window. Come to help her. What are you doing? Do not pull, push. We want to get. What happened to you? Get away from me! My back ... Thank you very much. What? Rudolph. Do you feel a presence? It's like watching us. Let's get out of here. What are you doing?

  1. Cake.

Do not eat it! I'm too sensitive. When I'm scared to eat sweets. Do not eat it! You look like Santa Claus. Very funny. Very funny.

  1. Who's there?

Show off! I do not believe in ghosts. Yes, a good number. Look now, I know you want to make me believe in ghosts but failed - I do not believe in them. Who dares enter my territory and does not believe in me? I'll show you I'm real! Spirit of the Dead Leg. You will believe in me! You're not a ghost! You're just a precious little boy. No, no. No! On your knees! On your knees!

  1. Where are the children?

Have some mistake! I only play video games.

  1. Hands!

I told you I did not mind. This is awful ... Here it is! Hold it! Hold it! Gotcha! - Got it? - Got it! Go ahead and go inside. Stay to watch him.

  1. I'd love to.

Hughes and I are going for the picture. Game over, kid. You should know that snow Maynskite in the mountains. Are you kidding me? It's okay. Soon we will be home. - They are smart kids. - They are smart kids. Finn, can you hear me? Time for your plan B. They are almost here. Finn? Finn? Sit down! My sister is home. Sometimes it is very bad. Really? I'll risk it.

  1. Do not say I did not warn you.

Sit down and put his belt. Steve, hello! Yes, yes. I was hoping to call. I want to try if you're ready ... I mean ... Get away, you little monster. Wait! Steve? Stop it! No, not you. One little monster over there. No, not you, Steve. Let me explain. Wait! Let me explain. Steve! Stop! Stop, or I'll be sorry! I'll kill you! I will not do it! Yes Hey, Jess? Hello? Forget it, I'm sick. When she opened it last time, did not record a combination? Almost made it. I have not crashed a single safe twice. How do I know that you have to break it again the next day? I can not understand, how can you be so sarcastic. What a jerk! Do you see what I mean? It is now in Maine and they are real criminals. I do not want to teach you how to do your job, but you're wrong scene with 4500 km. Done! No, open the safe! I'm fascinated! Stop, or I'll make it to pieces. What? Another kid? On the walls you go? Children coming out of the walls ... Not literally. Watch the door. Now, young lady, you have no idea how much trouble they brought me. I know that the picture you have is too precious to go through all this. Picture made pieces can be joined, unlike the young girls. Must faster, faster.

  1. Be careful, dear.

Slow down, slow down!

  1. There?

Yes Unbelievable! I can not believe she did this. Look at her! Snow is great.

  1. Thank you.

Watch in January I'm going back to my sister. Yes, sir!

  1. Finn? Are you there? Time for Plan B.

Finn, are you there? It will not help you. Give me a picture and no one gets hurt. More beautiful than I imagined. Really? I think it sucks. This picture is mine. My family is great sealed for eternity. To remind us. Forever! Wait, if you hold the picture, how can I pay? This will talk about later.

  1. Do not make me put the mask of R. Reagan.

Come, sister. Fine, time for plan B. He did it! He did it! Open the door, you idiot. I open them from the outside, not the inside. Maybe you'll learn in prison. We did it, man.

  1. Did it?

Perfect! Hey, kid, what's happening? I can not move. What did you do? Move, move! Come on, guys! Not again. Mom!

  1. Kids, are you okay?

- We're good. - You were worried about you. I was so happy to see you.

  1. Are you all?

Yes, but there are two bad locked in the basement. What?

  1. But do not worry, there's nothing to be afraid.

Bad people? Help me! Get me! We'll let you Jessica? I should have known. I had stayed at my old team. Gigi was mine. I was in the hands. Gone, so forget it. Fine, I owe you an apology. He said he can hear something and you have to believe. I had to believe you. It's okay. It was not something that I can not handle. Do you mean to tell me that they're scared? At first I was scared, but my stretch of the imagination helped me not to be afraid. What about you, Alexis? Yes, I was afraid, but it was not boring. Friends will not believe - picture of the basement was designated as a masterpiece of Edgard Monk. - Who? - Monk. Northman, painted scream. Coefficient Scream. It. Dad! Stop! Was stolen from the museum in 1918 and thought she was lost. Is estimated 85 million dollars. Wow! There is a prize, right? Well, funny you ask that, finding because it gave us that. - Four tickets to the museum. - No holidays and Sundays. Very nice. This is not a prize! We saved their picture, and they send us to a museum? Season is not about material things, but for family and world security. This consideration is sufficient.

  1. Yes, it is

There's more - Thieves are wanted in several states for their capture a reward of 30,000 dollars. There will be shopping for everyone! I want to thank you for your help my son, Simon. I just gave him a little courage. With others it alone. Sorry for the charge of kidnapping. I heard that the police sprayed them with hot spray. Quite. That's just doing his job.

  1. We want to compensate.

Finn told me that you can not afford to go to my family this year. Well, yes. We want to buy your tickets at home. To spend Christmas with his family. Really? Unbelievable! Merry Christmas Merry Christmas Want to play?

  1. Yes, of course!

I have a new weapon. Additional package Robo 3 Anvantry! With more levels, online play! Wow, what I have! - Truly Pink Tablet. - Merry Christmas! I'll never forget what you did for me. And that's it .. Friend - "Camping and fishing 'for you and me. What do you think? Beautifully.

  1. Which will you play first?


  1. Welcome back. Want to show your secret spot?

Course. Will you teach me to build a snow fort?

  1. With pleasure!

The snow was incredible. It is trying to tell you. Stand against a wall.

  1. Look into the camera.

Do not smile. Next. Next.

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