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Home Alone is a 1991 video game based on the movie of the same name. It was released on Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, NES, and Game Boy.

Game Genie codes (NES)[]

"Level Two" Code: KAAEKX[]

Trap Codes[]

PIEEGG: Unlimited traps!!!

These kinds of codes affect the traps you use to slow down Marv and Harry. Some of these codes will make the game easier, some of these will make the game impossible. Some just make a minor change.

Code Name Effect
AAAAKA "The Ghost Code" This code affects Marv and gives the game a more realistic concept with traps. When Marv falls on the floor by a trap, he comes back in a white shirt and white pants. This makes it seem like Marv died and came back to seek his revenge.
PIEEGG "The Unlimited Traps Code" This code affects Kevin, giving you unlimited traps. When you walk to the right, you get access to all the 28 traps you'd see in the house, including 4 unused glitched traps. This ability will make it take forever for Marv and Harry to capture you, especially when you have access to the most effective traps. You can't usually place double of the same traps, because when you do the original disappears.
PIGASS "The Low IQ Kevin Code" This code will make slowing them down almost impossible. Kevin is just an average 8 year old and doesn't know what he can use for traps. Only some of the traps can be used on Marv and Harry. This gives a disadvantage since there are fewer ways to slow them down.
NAVEGP "The High IQ Bandits Code" This code affects Marv and Harry, making it seem they expected traps and they go over/around them. Traps do not work on them, so you're better off hiding or running.
KEVYOU "The Confidence Code" This code makes it so every time you use a trap, it turns to a bucket. Not only that, but you can only use one trap at a time. This will make the game harder because only one can be placed and you have to deal with two bandits. If you are confident and skilled at this, this may be a great challenge for you.

Disappearing Codes[]

AAGEII: Marv and Harry have Kevin's pixel colors.

There are even some codes that will make stuff or people disappear or become invisible. There are many forms of these codes that will just make the game way harder or way easier than it should be.

Code Name Effect
EEEELO "The Free Code" Marv and Harry don't try to capture you, they aren't even there. You also can run fast and explore the map without the need to worry about The Wet Bandits.
YEPEII (Harry) or YESEII (Marv) "The Free Codes" These codes also remove Marv and Harry, but you can remove just one of them using one of the two codes. Using both codes get rid of both of them. This makes it so you can only deal with one bandit and it makes the game easier. Plus, you get to chose which one to survive.
TOPEZO (Harry) or EOKAPS (Marv) "The Invisible Codes" These codes make Marv and Harry disappear in another way, they are invisible. This makes the game very challenging because they can get you when you least expect it! You can make one of them invisible if it is too hard having them both invisible.
VVVVVY "The Disappearing House" This code makes the parts of the house that is out of view invisible. This can be undone when you go to the pause screen and back. This will make everything out of view from where you are now invisible though. This makes it hard to navigate Kevin around the map.


"The Truly Home Alone Code" This code makes you and Harry invisible. This also makes Marv turn into Kevin.

The code makes it look like Kevin is actually Home Alone.


"The Invisible People Code" Using this code, you'll make everyone invisible. You will never know where they are and you'll have trouble seeing where you are.

Color Codes[]

IXXEAA, IXXAGE, and AXXEGA demonstration

This is a list of codes that changes colors in the game. You can change Kevin, Marv, and Harry in many different colors: White, black, blue, purple, orange, pink, grey, aqua, and so much more! You can also use the code AAGEII and use one of the codes in Kevin's row so everyone's changes. Or if you want just Marv and Harry to have matching colors, insert PIGAII. Then you insert one of the codes in Harry's row.

White Black Blue Purple Orange Pink Grey Aqua








PIGAII: Marv and Harry have matching clothing.

This game has multiple possibilities with its unknown number of codes you can use to advance the experience of the game. Some are small changes while some are more significant.

Code Name Effect
AOPEGU "The Group of Bandits Code" This code makes duplicates of Marv and Harry that walks around the map doing exactly as the real ones are doing. They don't try to capture Kevin, they just make it harder to know when you'll find the real ones.
OOOTTO "The Early Call Code" As soon as you start the game, the cops arrest Marv and Harry.
EXGALS "The Shoes Code" Kevin is changed into a pair of shoes.
GAVEGN "The Haunting Code" When Marv walks to his right, he turns to a ghost and creepy music begins to play as he chases you.
YXYEII "The Teleporting Code" Instead of Marv running to you when he finds you, he will teleport to you and capture you. Sometimes he will surround you or immediately capture you. This makes the game nearly impossible since you are doomed as soon as he notices you.
KEEAKX "The Slow Criminals Code" This decreases the walking speed for both Marv and Harry giving you a better chance of winning. You won't be chased down.

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