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Home Sweet Home Alone is a 2021 reboot film in the Home Alone franchise. It was written by Mikey Day and Streeter Seidell and directed by Dan Mazer.

The film stars Archie Yates in the lead role as Max Mercer, along with Devin Ratray reprising his role as Buzz McCallister and newcomers Ellie Kemper, Rob Delaney, Aisling Bea, Kenan Thompson, Ally Maki, Pete Holmes, Chris Parnell, Timothy Simons, Andy Daly, and Mikey Day. Along with this, Kevin McCallister is mentioned.



Max Mercer is a mischievous and resourceful young boy who has been left behind while his family is in Japan for the holidays. So when a married couple attempting to retrieve a priceless heirloom set their sights on the Mercer family’s home, it is up to Max to protect it from the trespassers... and he will do whatever it takes to keep them out. Hilarious hijinks of epic proportions ensue, but despite the absolute chaos, Max comes to realize that there really is no place like home sweet home.


People mingle at an open house. In the kitchen Gavin Washington, the real estate agent selling the house, tells Clem and Daisy Brecklin they could convert the house to an open-concept. Pam and Jeff McKenzie, the owners of the house, come in. Pam makes encouraging remarks about the house, while Jeff brings the interest down with his comments. Pam sends Jeff to get more bottle water to get him out of the way.

Max complains to his mother, Carol, that he has to pee. She told him to go before they left, but he didn't want to go after Uncle Stu had been in there. He can't wait until they get home. Carol sees a sign for an open house and tells him they'll have to pretend they're buying a house.

Max leaves the bathroom and finds Jeff getting drinks from a closet. He asks for one, but Jeff says he has to ask his parents as they have a lot of sugar. Jeff then pulls down a box of old dolls, which he says belonged to his mother. The head on one of the dolls is upside down. Carol the finds them and apologizes for Max. She then spots one of the dolls in the box and says she saw it on an antiques show, being sold for $5,000. Max teases his mother about the doll and she threatens to go to Tokyo for Christmas without him. After watching the two bicker, Jeff grabs one of the drinks, takes a sip, and says it's good. Carol tells Max to come with her to the car.

Max apologizes to his mother for lashing out at her, but he doesn't understand why their whole family is staying at their house. Carol says Christmas is about spending time with family, even if they make you anxious, furious, or insane.

Gavin tells Pam and Jeff that they have gotten a few nibbles. He knows they want to sell as soon as possible, but he doesn't expect anything to happen until after the holidays. He'll stay on top of the Breckins, the most likely ones. They hear a car honk outside and panic because the kids are home. They haven't told their kids they're selling the house and frantically rush to remove all traces of the open house. Abby and Chris come in. Pam thought they were going to call when their movie was over, but they decided just to take an Uber. They ask who Gavin is and Gavin pretends to be Jeff's personal trainer. And the balloons are a gesture to congratulate him on taking the first step.

Max asks two of his cousins if he can have a turn playing the game. They both ignore him. Behind them, Mike Mercer steps on a toy and tells Max to clean up his things.

Carol is on the phone with the airline because their flight had to be cancelled and rebooked, which left their family on two separate flights.

Katie, Max's sister, comes down the stairs in a VR headset. Max walks pasts her and weaves through several relatives. Uncle Blake is sitting on the couch when he gets pelted by ammo from above, where two cousins are shooting him. Max is upset and nearly curses until he spots his Elf on the Shelf, Goobie. He asks Goobie not to tell Santa.

Carol tells the person on the phone that she's been put on a different flight from her children. Max tries to talk to her, but she ignores him. When he persists in trying to get her attention, she tells him he's not the only person in the house. Max then sneaks out to the garage and climbs into a car, where he turns on a cartoon.

Pam is upset with Jeff about his comments during the open house that may have turned off potential buyers. She reminds him that they're trying to sell the house. It's their only option, so she needs him on her team. He just didn't like how real it felt and doesn't like it. Pam doesn't like it either, but they can't afford to keep the house on her salary alone. He had a good interview, but that was three months ago. It might take a while to find another job. For now, she wants him to try to enjoy their last Christmas in the house.

Pam and Jeff are sleeping when Jeff's brother, Hunter, calls first Jeff and then Pam when Jeff doesn't answer. Pam is shocked when Hunter says they're outside. Pam wakes Jeff up to tell him the news.

Hunter throws a snowball at Jeff's face as he exits the house. Hunter explains that they flew in early to get ahead of the snow. He calls to his wife, Mei, telling her to hurry up. Abby joins them and is excited they're there. Hunter goes back to the car to get his son, Ollie. Hunter sends Ollie inside and asks Jeff to help unload their stuff, including a large pile of presents because they had a great year.

At 5:15 AM, Jeff sits up on the pull-out couch while Pam sleeps next to him. He checks his job profile, where his resume has gotten zero views. He searches for the doll he'd found and finds one listed for sale at $200,000. Jeff pulls the box back down, but the doll isn't there. He's convinced Max stole it and wants to find him. He remembers both Max and his mom saying each other's full names.

Jeff arrives at the Mercer house, where everyone is loading into their cars.

In the garage, Max sleeps on.

Jeff approaches Blake and asks if Carol's home. Blake says Carol took the early flight and is already gone. Behind him, Bethany is taking selfies. He asks if it's really the time, but then poses with her and tells her to text the photo to him. Blake pulls a kid out of the snow and puts her in the car. Stu hands Jeff a bag, assuming he's their driver, and asks him to take good care of it. Jeff asks if Max is home since Carol isn't. Stu says if Jeff doesn't see him, he's halfway to Tokyo now.

Blake yells into the house that the cars are leaving now.

Jeff gets a text from Pam asking where he was because they have Singing for Seniors. He lies and says he's getting milk, though they have plenty of milk in their fridge.

Blake asks for the security code for the house. Ricky yells a joke back at him, which he doesn't appreciate. Katie then tells him the code is 1112. Blake arms the alarm, then locks the door and hides the spare key, which Jeff sees. After they've all left, Jeff peeks in a window and sees a bulge in Max's pocket which he believes is the doll. He grabs the keys from where Blake put them and goes to open the door, but he gets scared by a siren noise. He hides, but sees there was no real threat to him. He puts the key back and returns to his car.

At the Rosemont Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, the seniors are anxiously waiting. The bell choir leader asks Pam where Jeff is, but she's not sure.

Jeff arrives at Rosemont and takes his place. As they play, Pam and Jeff talk about Max and the doll, disrupting the performance. Pam wants to wait until the Mercers get back, but Jeff doesn't want to wait.

Max wakes up and goes back inside the house, where he discovers that no one else is there, to his delight. He spends the day playing games, eating junk food, and reading Katie's diary.

At a fair, Pam and Jeff talk about the doll. He doesn't think it's stealing to take the doll back when it was stolen from them in the first place. She disagrees and says it's still a crime.

Ollie cries on Santa's lap. As they watch the pictures come up, Mrs. Claus tells Hunter how to get the files. Jeff is dismayed at how they're handling the photo storage, as it's his line of work.

Mei and Abby look through clothes at the fair. Abby finds a dress she likes and asks to get it. Pam says it costs too much, so Mei says she'll buy it for Abby. As they walk away to buy it, Gavin texts Pam and says to call him as he might have some good news coming.

The McKenzies watch a movie. Hunter comments that it's garbage and he doesn't understand why they keep trying to remake classics. Jeff is decorating the tree and finds an ornament he doesn't recognize.

As Hunter walks by the table, where Pam and Ollie are decorating a gingerbread house, he stops the house from falling to the floor. As Pam looks to where Jeff is decorating the tree, she remembers all the memories her family has had in the house. She then imagines her family begging her to get the doll to save their house. Pam tells Jeff they need to leave to get some milk. Everyone is confused.

As they drive to the Mercer house, they slide on the road as the snow has worsened. Jeff tries to back out, but Pam is insistent. As the walk to the house, the lights come on and they freeze for a few moments before proceeding. Jeff retrieves the key and unlocks the door. The alarm makes noise and Jeff puts in the wrong code to turn it off. Despite that, the noise turns off. They look around for Max's coat, but don't find it. Max watches them from another room. Jeff wants to give up, but Pam says not to bail on her. Max recognizes Jeff. He overhears them talking about finding an "ugly little boy" and imagines himself being sold to some old ladies. Max runs away, drawing their attention up to the railing, where his jacket is hanging.

Max uses the Homebot to call the police. The Homebot replies in German, scaring Jeff and Pam. Jeff runs out of the house, where a cop pulls up out front.

Buzz McCallister gets out of his car. Jeff and Pam pretend the house is theirs. Pam sends Jeff to warm up the car while she jokes about Jeff getting the code wrong because it's their anniversary. She flirts congenially with him, quelling his suspicion.

Inside the house, Max is aggravated they aren't being detained.

Buzz tells them to have a nice holiday and leaves.

Max imagines himself telling Buzz everything that happened and his mother getting put in jail for leaving him home alone.

Max is excited to spend time in the house alone, but still misses his mom. He asks the Homebot what to do. Homebot doesn't help and he goes to bed.

Carol is outraged that her family assumed Max was on the other flight instead of checking with her. Blake asks Stu if he assumed that and Stu insists that Max wasn't in the house when they left. Katie comes in and says Mike was only able to get one ticket home. Aunt Beth is on the phone trying to get someone to check on Max. Carol says they haven't tried calling the house because they don't have a landline. Blake suggests calling a neighbor, but Carol says they only moved in two months ago, so they don't know the neighbors. Everyone they know is in London. She gets her coat to go to the airport to wait.

Buzz hears about Max on the radio. He radios back that it's a prank call and they can ignore it. He shares what happened with his brother, Kevin, and says his brother calls in a similar story every year just to mess with him. He knows there's no child there as he was just at that address for a bonus home-alarm call. The home had a McCallister Home Alarm system, which he doesn't think it s a coincidence. They still want Buzz to drive by to check it out. He says he'll go, but then doesn't.

Pam and Jeff arrive at church, where Hunter, Mei, and Ollie are waiting. Jeff looks at Abby in her dress, which he thinks is too revealing. Gavin comes in behind them and sits down.

Max has ridden his bike to the church. He looks at the outdoor nativity.

Gavin asks Pam and Jeff have been ghosting him. He tells them they have an offer. When he sees that Chris is listening, Gavin pretends it's related to the personal training. Jeff sends Chris to put the toy he brought in the toy drive area.

Max is looking over the toys longingly when Chris comes in with his donation. Chris has noticed that his parents are stressed, but are pretending not to be.

Gavin asks what they think about the Breckins' offer. They want to sign the contract before the end of the year, but Jeff and Pam say they can't do that. They won't get a better offer, so he suggests they take the holiday and then get back to him.

Max tells Chris about his parents leaving him home alone while they went to Tokyo. Max thought it would be cool, but now it's just lonely. Chris takes the toy he donated off the pile and gives it to Max, saying he deserves it. Max tells him to enjoy the holiday with his family and that's what makes it special. Once he's gone, the woman taking the donations sees Max with the toy and takes it, assuming it's his donation. She tells him she thinks he'll get what he wants for Christmas. He says all he wants is his mom and dad back. She assumes they're dead and asks when it happened. He says two days ago. Now it's just him and Goobie in the house, but they're doing okay.

Jeff turns around and sees Max in the back of the church. He remembers Carol's threat to leave Max behind with his grandmother and thinks that's who the woman is. Pam thinks she's the German they heard.

Jeff and Pam leave the church, aiming to get the doll while they're not home.

Max leaves the church with his toy.

Pam sees a UPS truck outside near the Mercer house and says it's too hot. They'll have to wait until dark and go around the back.

At the airport. Carol sees a family with two children playing with their baby. Concerned with something she hears in an announcement, Carol pushes her way to the counter and uses gestures to ask when the standby seats will be announced. The ticketing agent tells her in perfect English that she'll be happy to help after she stands in the line she just pushed through. Carol says she's trying to get home to her son, who is alone and scared. The agent says they'll be announced approximately one hour before departure. Carol apologizes and leaves the desk.

Pam and Jeff walk toward the house.

At the church, Mei gets a message from Pam saying they forgot to pre-heat the oven and they'll be back soon. The performance starts.

Pam and Jeff struggle to get over a tall wall. When Jeff finally gets over, Pam notices an open gate nearby, which she uses to get in.

Max gets back home just as they get to the door. Jeff gets a video just as they arrive and they take a moment to watch Abby sing. Pam and Jeff go inside to find they have the wrong house. They quietly slip back out. They move to go to the next door, but unwittingly step over the pool and end up slipping on the pool cover and getting soaked by the water.

At home, Max hears the commotion of them struggling to get out of the pool.

Inside the house they just left, a boy spots Jeff and Pam and asks why the man and lady are drowning. The adult doesn't notice and corrects the child that they're not drowning.

Jeff and Pam get out of the pool and question if this is the universe trying to tell them something. Just then, they slip down some steps. Jeff is determined not to give up, saying they need a win. If they give up now, they can't save their house. They suggest coming back after bedtime. Jeff suggests he could dress as Santa to trick Max if he's awake.

Max overhears their conversation and asks Homebot to search for booby traps. The parental control blocks it because of the word booby.

Hunter, Mei, Abby, Chris, and Ollie leave the church. Ollie is carrying something and Hunter asks if he took that from the church. Just then, they see Pam and Jeff in their frozen clothes on the sidewalk. They claim a car drove through a puddle and splashed them.

Carol watches the flight progress. The passenger next to her repeatedly looks at her screen. He says he can't help it.

As Hunter chops something for dinner, he says Mei wanted to go to Hawaii, but he told her she had to suck it up and come to their place instead. Nearby, Pam practices her German.

Max sets booby traps around his house while the McKenzies eat dinner and exchange gifts. Hunter and Mei go upstairs to bed, leaving Pam and Jeff on the pull-out. Once they're alone, Pam and Jeff jump up fully clothed. Jeff is dressed as Santa.

Max is ready and waits for Pam and Jeff's arrival.

On their way to the Mercer house, Pam and Jeff slide on the icy roads and eventually into a pole, to Max's delight. They walk toward the house, but slip on the driveway, which Max had sprayed with water. Max then turns the lights out front on and off to scare them. As Pam goes around to the back of the house, Jeff finds the milk and cookies Max has left for Santa, along with a note. He takes a bite of a cookie and then a sip of the milk, but finds they're both hot, forcing him to dive into the snow for relief.

Max adds Mentos to a diet soda and then drops it off the balcony in front of Pam, who gets sprayed by the soda. Max then throws several more down at her. Pam tries to get Max to stop and talk to her, but he refuses.

Jeff enters the front of the house and puts in the alarm code, but gets poked by another trap Max set. Max calls out for Santa and Jeff pretends he is Santa. Max then fires billiard balls at him, knocking him out.

Pam gets up and calls out to Jeff.

Jeff wakes up with the VR headset on. He's on a cliff and inches across it, unaware that it's not real. Jeff passes out again and wakes to Pam hitting him repeatedly with the door. They can't figure out why he's hurting them. Pam says he mentioned their $200,000 getting away, so he definitely has the doll and knows what it's worth. Pam goes to another room, where she gets hit by a spoon and then steps on a bunch of Lego bricks in her bare feet. She sees Doobie and tells him not to judge her because she's doing it for her family.

Carol's seat mate has fallen asleep on her shoulder. She still has over eight hours left until arrival.

Jeff and Pam hear Max moving around and try to talk to him in German. Max reveals himself to them and Jeff says they just want to talk. Max drops a bag of flour onto Jeff's face and then a gallon of milk. Max uses butter and then sugar to keep them from climbing the stairs. Jeff wants to give up, but Pam says they can't back out now. Max taunts her as she moves through the house. She pulls the attic cord and gets pelted with nerf bullets Max has made sharp. Pam finds Max in a room and he uses the treadmill to launch weights at her. He then uses a yoga ball and a weight to launch Pam back down the stairs. Max shoots another ball at Jeff, but Jeff catches it before it hits him. He tells Max there's nowhere to run. Max goes out to the balcony and drops down onto the trampoline.

As she climbs the steps, Pam spots the jacket.

Jeff tries to jump down after Max, but Max has rigged the trampoline to collapse and it launches Jeff into a tree.

Pam gets into the jacket pocket and finds a stolen soda, not the doll.

Jeff follows Max, but gets pelted with icicles Max is knocking off the eave. He then trips on a wire, allowing Max to escape.

Max goes back inside, where Pam has a nerd gun of her own. Max points his own gun at Jeff and says he'll do it. Pam tries to ride Max's pulley down, but falls. She begs Max not to do any more to them. They just want to talk. Max knows their plan to kidnap him and sell him. Jeff and Pam are shocked. They just want their doll back. Max doesn't know what they're talking about. He says he didn't steal the doll. He wouldn't want a doll. Pam finally realizes they did a very bad thing. They need to wake his grandma. Max reveals that his grandma is in England and he's home alone. His parents are in Tokyo. Pam is immediately sympathetic and says they would have handled things differently if they had known. It's just a misunderstanding. Pam tells Max they'll take care of him and they hug. Just then, the chandelier falls on them. Max says that was an accident. Pam says they'll call Max's parents and let them know he's okay and then he can stay with them until his parents get back. Max says he's going to be in trouble, but Pam knows his mom will be happy he's safe. At first. Then he'll be in trouble, says Jeff.

Pam and Jeff have finished explaining some of what happened and why Max is staying with them. They've called Max's mom and she was relieved to hear he was safe. Abby asks if they're moving. Jeff and Pam apologize and say they've had an offer on the house they can't afford not to take. But Pam says what's important about the house is the people in it. Max seconds that without his parents, his house didn't feel like home. Mei suggests that maybe someone at the open house took the doll. Jeff says it doesn't matter because it's gone now. Just then, he spots Ollie on the stairs holding the doll. Mei tells him not to move and Jeff races to get the doll. Ollie throws it before he gets there and it sails over Jeff's head. Pam steps on Mei trying to get it herself, but misses. Finally, Max catches it before it can hit the ground. Then the doorbell rings and Max is reunited with his mother. They offer to have Carol stay, but Carol just wants to get home. Max hands them the doll and leaves with his mom. Once they're gone, Abby asks if the doll means they get to stay in their house. Jeff says it does. They start opening presents.

Carol says she missed Max and it'll just be the two of them for Christmas. She opens the door and sees the mess. Max says there's a reasonable explanation.

One Year Later

At the McKenzie house, Max, Carol, Katie, and Mike are at the table with Chris and Abby. Pam brings in the food. Carol says it looks wonderful and so does the house. Pam says it's thanks to the doll. It paid for their mortgage, plus a trip to Europe and repairs to the Mercer house. Jeff comes in after ending a call. It was work. He's recently gotten a promotion. Jeff starts to explain his job, but Pam and Abby cut him off. They want to toast. Max asks if he can have a soda, much like the one he stole the previous year. Jeff says they're quite sugary. Pam says they should let him have one because of what happened last time and Max gets the soda. They toast to new friends, family, and Jeff not having permanent neurological damage. And to Max, for bringing them together.



In October 2019, the film was reported to be written by Mikey Day and Streeter Seidell. Hutch Parker and Dan Wilson will be producing the film, with Dan Mazer in talks to direct. According to reports, the protagonist will be a nine-year-old boy named Max.[1]

In December 2019, it was reported that Archie Yates would be playing the lead role, with Rob Delaney and Ellie Kemper also in the cast.[2]

Production of the film was put on hold in March 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.[3] By November, the film either resumed production or had been completed.[4]

The title was revealed on August 12, 2021.[5]

A trailer was released on October 12, 2021.

The film was released November 12, 2021.


  • Buzz McCallister from the first two Home Alone movies makes a cameo in this film and he mentions Kevin and the events of the films.




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