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Hughes is the new villain and the secondary antagonist in Home Alone 5 The Holiday Heist.


Hughes is cowardly and rebellious. He sometimes refuses his boss's orders especially when he wants to eat gingerbread cookies while breaking into the Baxter Family house. He is rather slow and dim-witted and couldn't even do basic math, wanting to change the deal to 50% for both him and Jessica each and 25% for Sinclair. He seems to care about his co conspirators since he wanted Jessica's share to be increased along with his and was later shocked when he learned Sinclair planned to take the painting all for himself. He seemed to be afraid of ghosts while breaking into the Baxter Family house until he realized that Finn Baxter set all those traps and scared him. Despite everything that Finn did to him and his boss and partner, Hughes didn't hurt Finn, just locking him up in their vehicle, showing that they have more morals than Harry and Marv or the criminals from the third movie. His name might be a reference to John Hughes, but that is not confirmed yet.

Home Alone 5[]

Hughes is first seen on a sidewalk with sunglasses on in Maine. He next get's on a long white car with Sinclair and Jessica and Sinclair says welcome Mr. Hughes and then Sinclair tells Hughes and Jessica about Finn Baxter's house then Jessica asks a creepy old house. Then Sinclair tells Jessica that it isn't any creepy old house and says that it once belonged to Jimmy "Dead Leg" Gravano. Hughes is next seen with Jessica and Sinclair when they were breaking in the haunted house. Hughes next finds gingerbread cookies in the kitchen and tells Sinclair that he eats the head first then the arms then the leg. Sinclair tells Jessica to find a good hideout and Hughes asks Sinclair if he can have a glass of milk and Sinclair tells him he has to go in the basement now. Then Hughes puts on headphones to hear what the password of the secret room is. Then when Hughes is done, Sinclair tells him to move so he can open the door.


  • "A million is what I meant to say.
  • "Don't make me put on my Ronald Reagan Mask!"
  • "Rudolph!"
  • "The house has a mind of its own."