Jack Murphy is a character mentioned in Home Alone. He is the neighbor of Peter McCallister and Kate McCallister and the father of Mitch Murphy.

Home Alone[edit | edit source]

Jack and his family was going to Florida after going to Missouri to pick up Mitch's grandmother, possibly Jack's mother. After Mitch returned home after checking out the McCallister family's airport vans (which led to the family mistaken that Mitch's neighbor friend Kevin McCallister was with him when in reality was still asleep inside), Jack and his family left to go on vacation.

Peter McCallister kept calling Jack on his home phone when Kevin was accidentally left behind at home. One of the calls was heard by the Wet Bandits Harry Lyme and Marv Murchins when they were robbing the Murphy's family home and discovered the McCallister family has left for Paris.

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