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"Kevin, you're such a disease!"

Jeff to Kevin[src]

Jeff McCallister was the fourth child and the second son of Peter and Kate McCallister.

Trip to Paris[]

As Jeff packed for his family trip to Paris, his younger brother Kevin said to him that he did not know how to pack a suitcase, to which Jeff replied, "tough," apparently the same thing their sister, Megan, told him earlier. Jeff then told Kevin that their brother Buzz suggested packing toilet paper and water and then tossed his bag down the stairs where it landed within inches of a supposed police officer's feet.

Later on, when Kevin accidentally got into a fight with Buzz over pizza, Jeff called him a disease, to which Kevin told him to shut up. The next day, as the McCallisters got into the van on the way to the airport, Jeff horsed around with another family member. When the McCallisters later arrived in Paris, he rushed to the telephone with his mother and the others so she could get into contact with the police back home to check on Kevin, who had been left home alone.

When it was learned that there were no more flights back to Chicago, Jeff decided to go to his Uncle Rob's apartment with the rest of the family while his mother waited at the airport to try to get a flight back home. At the apartment, he watched It's a Wonderful Life in French and eating an appetizer of shrimp served by his Uncle Frank. He also jokingly stole his cousin Rod's glasses and jokingly wouldn't give them back to him, but eventually he let go and Rod took them back. On Christmas morning, Jeff, his dad, and his siblings took the morning flight back home. They were reunited with Kate and Kevin. When Kevin says he went shopping the day before for milk, eggs, and fabric softener, Jeff is surprised, and Buzz remarks that Kevin does not know how to tie his shoes, but knows how to go shopping.

Trip to Florida[]

The next year, Jeff prepared for his family's trip to Miami, and then performed in a Christmas pageant with his siblings. He laughed at Buzz's prank on Kevin and was knocked over when Kevin punched Buzz. He attended the family meeting concerning the incident.

The next morning, Jeff rushed to the airport with the rest of the family to catch the flight, and later handed down their luggage, collectively discovering Kevin's absence. Later at their hotel, Jeff watched It's a Wonderful Life in Spanish. He then went to New York City with the rest of the family once they found out that Kevin is there.

Finally, Jeff looked at Kevin and gave him a smile at the Plaza Hotel when Buzz told everyone that if it hadn't been for Kevin's mistake, they wouldn't be in the suite with the Christmas tree and the free gifts in the first place, and added that Kevin should open up the first present. Jeff then clapped for both Buzz and Kevin, along with the rest of the family.


  • In the script for Home Alone, Jeff is described as a "nine-year-old" who is "stocky and buil[t], aggressive and confident."
  • Jeff and Linnie are completely absent from Home Alone 4, in which Buzz and Megan are Kevin's only siblings.


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