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Jessica is one of the villains in Home Alone 5: The Holiday Heist and she is the tertiary antagonist.



Jessica is a mean, snobby, and dramatic woman who works for Sinclair. She loves her boyfriend Steve and gets impatient when she doesn't receive a phone call from him. While breaking into the Baxter family home, she gets really scared when she thinks there's a ghost in the house. Like Sinclair, she seems to hate kids like Finn Baxter and Mason. She gets overwhelmed when her boss tries or loses his Gigi (the Widow).

Home Alone 5[]

Jessica is first seen in a long white car with Sinclair and Hughes. She, along with them, is next seen opening the door to the Baxter family's house. Jessica is forced to go through numerous booby traps, and gets covered in tar. Jessica later captures Finn and detains him in a van. Mason throws snowballs at Jessica. She becomes encased in a snowman, and is later apprehended by the police. In the end, a mug shot is taken of her.



  • "What are you looking at?" (talking to a wooden reindeer)


  • Jessica is played by Debi Mazar.
  • In the film, it reveals that she has a boyfriend named Steve who keeps missing her calls until near the end.