Johnny in Angels with Filthy Souls. (Home Alone film).

Johnny is a character from the fictional movie Angels with Filthy Souls that Kevin watches in Home Alone and its equally fictional sequel Angels with Even Filthier Souls that Kevin watches in Home Alone 2: Lost in New York. He is played by the late character actor Ralph Foody in both the movies.

Angels With Filthy Souls (Home Alone)[edit | edit source]

Johnny talking to Snakes.

In Home Alone, Kevin watches a film called Angels With Filthy Souls (after being left home alone and while eating a large amount of junk food), which his uncle would not let him watch the night before. It focuses on a gangster named Johnny.

One day, Johnny gets a knock at his door and asks who it is. A man named Snakes comes in and announces that he got "the stuff". Johnny tells Snakes to leave it on the door step and then get out.

Snakes then asks Johnny about some money he's owed (10 percent), as Snakes was told by another gangster named Acey. Johnny, smirking, says that Acey isn't in charge no more, and that he's upstairs taking a bath and will call Snakes when he gets out. Johnny then picks up a Tommy Gun and tells Snakes that he's gonna give him to the count of 10 to get his "ugly, yellow, no-good kiester" off his property before he pumps his guts full of lead. Snakes nervously apologizes and agrees to leave. However, Johnny cuts the count short, counting to 2 and then jumping straight to 10 ("1, 2....10!"), forgets 3-9 and shoots Snakes while laughing maniacally. After he kills him, Johnny stares at Snakes' dead body on the ground and says, "Keep the change, you filthy animal!" Kevin then paused the movie and shouted for his mom.

Later on in the movie, when the Pizza Boy comes to deliver Kevin his cheese pizza, Kevin uses Johnny's scene in the movie, pausing over Snakes' part to get Johnny to talk to the Pizza Boy and make him believe that Johnny now lives in the house. Although Kevin does slip money for the Pizza Boy through the doggie door, he then uses Johnny's countdown and shooting at Snakes to scare him away (while falling a couple of times in the process).

The next day, the Wet Bandits are spying on the house, and Harry sends Marv to walk up to the door to investigate further. Kevin, sees Marv approaching, and turns on the movie, this time using both characters' dialogue, making it sound like Johnny and Snakes have already broken into the house and that Johnny is going to kill Snakes to keep the stuff in this house for himself. Kevin also uses the firecrackers he saved to go along with the gunshots. Marv (who also falls in the process) runs back to the Wet Bandits' van, in terror, and tells Harry that he heard two other crooks in the house having a heated argument, that ended with one blowing the other away. He also claims he thought he recognized Johnny's voice and heard the name Snakes before. Although Marv wants to flee, Harry suggests they stick around to see Johnny exit the house, so they'll be able to identify him to the police, should they be questioned. Eventually, the two see Kevin leave the house, and realize they were scammed.

Angels with Even Filthier Souls (Home Alone 2: Lost in New York)[edit | edit source]

Johnny in Angels With Even Filther Souls. (Home Alone 2: Lost in New York film).

In Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, Kevin watches the sequel to Angels with Filthy Souls entitled Angels With Even Filther Souls in his hotel room and is once again eating a large amount of ice cream. In this movie, Johnny is sitting in his apartment smoking a cigarette and watching a movie when a woman enters the apartment. Johnny tells her to hold it right there, and it turns out to be his cowardly girlfriend Carlotta. He tells her that he knew it was her because he could smell her getting off the elevator. When Johnny asks Carlotta if she was at his apartment the previous night, Carlotta replies that she was singing at The Blue Monkey last night.

Johnny then accuses Carlotta that she's been smooching with his brother, which Carlotta denies. Johnny doesn't believe her, and accuses her of smooching with other guys as well, such as Snuffy, Al, Leo, Little Mo with the gimpy leg, Cheeks, Bony Bob, and Cliff. Carlotta again denies it; Johnny responds that he may believe her, but then takes out his Tommy Gun, saying that his gun does not. Carlotta desperately pleads to Johnny that he's the only duck in her pond. Johnny demands that she get down on her knees and declare her love for him. Carlotta says that she's over the moon for him, and, when that doesn't impress Johnny, she exclaims that if her love for him was an ocean, "Lindy" (famed pilot Charles Lindbergh) would have to take two airplanes to get across it. Johnny claims he now does believe Carlotta and will let her go, but he then orders her to get her "lousy, lying, lowdown, four-flushing carcass" out of his apartment before he counts to 3, but he fires his gun on her and kills her before he gets to 3. Johnny then says, "Merry Christmas, you filthy animal!" and fires a couple more shots. He then says, "And a Happy New Year!" before firing one more shot.

Later on in the movie, when Mr. Hector, Cedric, Ms. Stone, Officer Cliff, and the Security Guard come into the room to confront Kevin about his dad's stolen credit card, Kevin hides in the other room and turns on the movie, using Johnny's parts to talk to them by pausing Carlotta's parts out and making them believe that Johnny is now staying in the room, and is now accusing Mr. Hector of having been smooching with Johnny's brother. Mr. Hector admits to having been in the room the night before, but denies the smooching accusation. Johnny doesn't buy it, and accuses him of smooching with the other men (including Cliff). The one officer, who's name coincidently is Cliff, gasps in shock at the mention of his name, as the others stare at him in shock. Cliff denies it, and Mr. Hector again denies Johnny's accusations, insisting they're looking for a young man. Johnny claims to believe him, but exclaims that his Tommy gun doesn't, and he orders them to get down on their knees and say they love him. The five do kneel down, and Mr. Hector reluctantly exclaims "I love you!" much to Kevin's amusement. Johnny is unimpressed, so all five employees exclaim "I love you!" in unison. Johnny claims to believe them, and says that he'll let them go, to their relief. Johnny orders them to get out, before he counts to 3. As they evacuate the room in a panic, Johnny fires his gun, making Mr. Hector and the others hit the floor, in the corridor to dodge the bullets. Other guests take notice of the commotion, but Mr. Hector screams them to stay in their rooms, as they believe there's an insane guest with a gun in the room. Kevin takes that as the opportunity to escape through the emergency exit, only to get caught by the Sticky Bandits.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In the first film, it is implied that Johnny likely had already killed Acey before Snakes had arrived.
  • In the second film, Mr. Hector grins in embarrassment, when he thinks Johnny is accusing him of smooching with his brother, possibly thinking Johnny's referring to the seemingly embarrassing encounter Mr. Hector DID have the previous night, with his seeing what he thought was Kevin's father singing and dancing to 'Cool Jerk' in the shower, and getting threatened with a slapping for it.
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