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Leslie McCallister is the aunt to Kevin, Buzz, Megan, Linnie, Jeff, Heather, and twins, and Steffan, overprotective mother of Tracy, Sondra, Brooke, Fuller, and Rod, and wife of Frank McCallister.

Home Alone[]

She appears first asking Peter and Kate if they had a voltage adapter. Peter hands her Kevin, saying, "Here, here's a voltage adapter." Leslie then puts Kevin down, saying he's getting heavy, and then says, "Go pack your suitcase." Kevin is surprised and says, "Pack my suitcase?"

Later, after finding out that the pizza boy needs $122.50 plus tip, she asks Frank if he has any money. Frank replies that he has traveler's checks. Then Kevin hears her say, "Fuller, go easy on the Pepsi" while Fuller is drinking from a can of Pepsi. Before the fight was over, Leslie saved her son, Fuller after her husband Frank almost accidentally squished him between the chair and the wall, and asked him if he was OK.

During the plane ride, she refused Frank's advances to put the crystals from their lunch in her purse, and then gave the stewardess a sheepish smile when the stewardess asked Frank if he wanted some champagne. Apparently she stays at Rob's for the rest of the film.

Home Alone 2: Lost In New York[]

At the pageant, Peter turns to Leslie and tells her that Kevin's solo is coming up, and to pass it on to Frank. She replies, "OK", and then turns to her sleeping husband to tell him what Peter said, but has to wake him up first. Then, when Buzz plays a trick on Kevin using two candles, Peter, Kate and Leslie are not laughing, and Leslie also tries to get Frank to stop laughing. After they get home and Buzz apologizes, Leslie, along with the others, is glaring at Kevin, and even folds her arms, looking quite serious.

Physical Appearance & Personality[]

She is a middle-aged woman with glasses, blonde lady with a more stocky build. She speaks with a very nurturing tone and is quite motherly. She is definitely extremely family-oriented and strict. While her husband, Frank, entertains the quarrels of her nephews, Buzz and Kevin, she is not pleased and urging him to stop. She wants Buzz and Kevin to get along. Leslie is overprotective of Fuller.


  • In a deleted scene from the first movie, Harry (while disguised as a cop) asks Leslie if she is Mrs. McCallister and she replies that she is, then clarifies that she is "not the Mrs. McCallister who lives here", hence why Harry later asks Peter if he is "the Mr. McCallister who lives here."

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