Mitch Murphy is a character who only appeared in Home Alone. He is Kevin McCallister's neighbor friend and played by actor Jeffrey Wiseman in the movie.

Home Alone

In the movie, Mitch Murphy is the McCallisters' 8-year-old neighbor from across the street who comes over to the house the day the family leaves for their vacation to Paris, to see what's going on.

When Mitch arrives, he introduces himself to one of the airport van drivers and asks the driver if he's going out of town. He then tells him that he and his family are going to Orlando, Florida via Missouri to pick up his grandmother. He then asks the driver all sorts of strange questions including if the vans get good gas mileage and if he knew the McCallisters are going to France, as well if it's cold there and if the vans get good gas mileage, to which the Driver responds that he does not know and tells Mitch to leave.

Mitch then climbs into the first Van with the other driver and also asks him questions including how fast the van goes or if it is 4-wheel drive. The driver instructs Mitch not to bother him and to leave.

As Mitch exits the van, he takes a look in one of the McCallisters' suitcases. He finds a camera and uses it to take a picture of the inside of the van. Because he has his back turned away from her, Kevin's cousin Heather accidentally counts Mitch in the group of heads, thinking he was Kevin and does not realize her mistake. Then after looking through the suitcase, Mitch finally exits the van and tells the McCallisters to have a good trip and to bring him back something French. He then returns home so he can go with his own family on their trip to Orlando, Florida. He does not appear anywhere else in the rest of the film after this scene nor he has ever appear in any future Home Alone film.


  • Jeffrey Wiseman, who plays Mitch Murphy, originally auditioned for the role of Kevin McCallister (which ultimately went to Macaulay Culkin).
  • According to Kevin, he lives at 656 Lincoln Boulevard.
  • The Peter look-alike in the sequel, Lost in New York, plays a similar role to Mitch Murphy, as both characters are mistaken for a family member due to the similar clothing they wear. However, the Peter look-alike gets in Kevin's way at the airport while Mitch Murphy was in the McCallisters' way in the first film.
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