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Molly Pruitt is Stan and Alex's thirteen-year-old sister, as well as Karen and Jack's daughter and middle child. Like her older brother Stan, Molly picks on Alex, but not as much as Stan does.

Home Alone 3[]

When Stuckey told Stan that he wasn't at liberty to discuss "it" (meaning the reason why Alex was in danger) with Stan, Karen and Molly, Molly stopped him from leaving (by forcibly closing the door) and told him, "The 'it' you're referring to is my little brother", thus showing that although she initially showed disrespect to Alex, she still loved him very much, as he was family. After hearing that her younger brother fought off the criminals and survived, she was impressed and told Alex "Bud, you're a hero!".

She is last seen with her family, the police, and the FBI, celebrating at her home.


  • Molly is like Kevin McCallister's sisters and one of his brothers.
  • She is fond of cheating on tests, which is revealed when she writes math solutions and other test answers under her shoe.
  • Molly defends Alex on different occasions.