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The parrot is Stan Pruitt's pet who helped Alex Pruitt stop the thieves.

Home Alone 3

The parrot is first seen when Alex goes to his room. The parrot first says "loser." He is next seen before the morning-set Traps are created, saying "double or nothing" for the first time. Then the parrot is seen with a human image bathing, saying "don't come here, I'm naked." It is next seen lighting the fireworks and does it after Petr Beaupre doesn't have two crackers. It is last seen celebrating with its family, Mrs. Hess and some FBI workers, including Agent Stuckey.


  • the rest of the Pruitt family



  • The Parrot's name is Carrott.
  • The parrot is considered as a booby trap because he light up the fireworks.
  • The parrot is a Blue-fronted Amazon Parrot
  • The parrot seems to be good friends with Doris
  • The parrot usually wants two crackers when someone offers the first cracker.



"It's show time!"

(After being offered a single cracker) "Double or nothing".

"What's on your mind, monkey-butt?"

"Don't come in, I'm naked."

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