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"Kevin! You spent $967 on room service?!""[src]

Peter McCallister was the father of Kevin, Buzz, Megan, Linnie and Jeff McCallister. He was the brother of Frank and Rob McCallister as well as the husband of ​Kate McCallister.


Early life[]

Peter McCallister was born to his mother Penelope McCallister, and his unnamed father. He also had two brothers, Frank and Rob McCallister.

During his adulthood, he married Kate McCallister and the couple later resided in Winnetka, Illinois with their five children.

Trip to Paris[]

While packing for the family vacation to Paris, Peter wondered to his wife how he was supposed to shave in France, to which she suggested he grow a goatee.

Following an electrical outage, the family accidentally slept in. In the midst of their rush to leave, they left Kevin behind on accident.

After arriving in France, having realized the family left behind Kevin, he tried to call their neighbors, including the Murphys, asking about Kevin and his whereabouts. He then told his brother, Frank, that he could not find anyone; they had all gone shopping, and that no one was home for the Christmas holidays.

Later, after the family arrived back home on Christmas Day, after hearing that Kevin had gone shopping and got some milk, eggs and fabric softener, Peter remarked, "What else did you do while we were away?" Kevin replied that he "just hung around." Peter then found a gold tooth and wondered what it was.

Trip to Florida[]

While preparing for the trip to Florida the following year, Peter looked for the batteries for a camcorder. As he found them, he accidentally reset his alarm clock.

At that evening's Christmas pageant, when Buzz pulled a trick on Kevin using candlesticks, Peter, along with Kate, Leslie, the conductor. and the piano lady, was not laughing.

Later, when Kevin tried to walk out of the family meeting, Peter threatened to send him to the third floor; however, he ultimately went by himself. Peter, along with Kate are shocked after Kevin calls Frank a cheapskate. The next morning, during the family's rush to their plane, Kevin accidentally boarded a flight to New York.

After tracking down Kevin after he used one of Peter's credit cards, the family traveled to the city and confronted the staff for letting Kevin check in without an adult and scaring him off and eventually stayed at the Plaza Hotel with Kate searching for Kevin alone. Then, after the bill from Kevin's original stay at the Plaza Hotel came, Buzz read it and gave it to Peter, who then read the bill and yelled, "Kevin! You spent $967 on room service?!"


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