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Peter McCallister is the father of Kevin, Buzz, and Megan McCallister.


Home Alone 4: Taking Back the House[]

Peter and Kate have separated and are soon filing for a divorce, and he has a new girlfriend named Natalie. In one scene, after Peter decides to go back and check on Kevin after they get to the airport, he tells her that something's up; he can sense it. He then says that maybe you have to be a parent, she replies that she finds that to be unfair, and that he knows how much she cares about kids. Peter replies, "How much do you care about my kid?"

Later, after the bad guys have been arrested, Natalie asks Peter what Kevin did this time, and Peter replies that Kevin saved the day, so she should be thanking him and apologizing to him for not believing him. Then, after he tells Natalie that he mistook infatuation and excitement for love, and that the "smart house" and everything in it is her world and not his, he decides to get back together with Kate.

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