Peter Look-Alike is an unidentified character in Home Alone 2: Lost in New York.

Home Alone 2: Lost In New York

As McCallister family make a chaotic dash at O'Hare International Airport to catch their flight to Florida, Kevin stops to replace batteries for his Talkboy as the entire family continues to dash, passing this man wearing a similar coat to that of Peter, who is seen at a nearby American Airlines counter purchasing a ticket or confirming his boarding pass. The man gets in Kevin's way, blocking the view of Peter, which makes Kevin accidentally follows him to the flight that departs for New York City. As Kevin is escorted to the flight, he identifies this man as his father, who is taking a seat in first class.


  • His role is similar to that of Mitch Murphy, the McCallister's neighbor in the prequel, as both are mistaken by a McCallister for a family member due to the similar clothing they wear. However, Mitch Murphy is the cause of Heather's miscounting as he is in the airport van, making her inadvertently think Kevin had left earlier for the vans.
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