Rob McCallister was the brother of Peter and Frank McCallister, brother-in-law of Kate and Leslie McCallister, and the uncle of Kevin McCallister.

He was married to Georgette McCallister and was the father of Heather, Steffan, and twin daughters.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Sometime during a summer, Rob and his family moved from New York City to Paris, France. His daughter Heather is the only one of his children who was left in the United States.

One Christmas, Rob paid for the whole McCallister family to come to Paris so they could all be together for the holiday. However, Rob's nephew, Kevin was accidentally left home alone and Peter and the rest of the McCallisters went to Rob's apartment while Kate tried to get a flight home to Kevin.

Rob (far left) decorating the tree in his apartment

During his extended family's stay, Rob and his wife decorated a Christmas tree.

A year later, Rob still owned a home in New York, which was then in the process of renovation. Kevin, after accidentally being taken to New York, used the house as a base of operations while defending himself against the Sticky Bandits.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

In a deleted scene Rob and Georgette and their kids were to have a larger scene at the airport where they made a "Welcome" sign to welcome the rest of the McCallisters. However, the family runs past them and into their sign ruining it, as they rush to get to the phones in order to make a call to Chicago, leaving Rob, Georgette, and their kids in complete shock.

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