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Rob McCallister was the younger brother of Peter and Frank McCallister, the husband of Georgette McCallister and the father of Heather, Rod, Steffan, and twin daughters.


Rob and his family originally lived in a massive townhouse in New York City[1], New York. Sometime during a summer, he moved with his family to Paris, France, as part of a job transfer following his position promotion, settling in a penthouse apartment. His daughter Heather and son Rod were left in the United States to attend college and finish high school, respectively.[2] Despite the move, Rob still maintained ownership of the said townhouse.[1]

Missing his extended family, Rob thought of having the McCallisters come to France, eventually deciding for them to visit during the Christmas season. He then paid for the whole McCallister family's trip to Paris so they could all be together for the holiday. However, Rob's nephew, Kevin was accidentally left home alone. Peter and the rest of the McCallisters went to Rob's penthouse apartment while Kate tried to get a flight home to Kevin.[3]

Rob mccallister

Rob (far left) decorating the tree in his apartment

During his extended family's stay, Rob and his wife Georgette decorated a Christmas tree with their son Steffan assisting them while the other McCallisters watched a French dub of It's a Wonderful Life. Georgette later called out Frank McCallister for serving a shrimp appetizer, saying that they were to be served later.[3]

A year later, Rob's New York home was undergoing the process of renovation. Kevin, after accidentally being taken to New York, used the house as a base of operations while defending himself against the Sticky Bandits.[1]


  • In a deleted scene, Rob, Georgette and their youngest three kids are at the Paris airport with a "Welcome" sign to greet the rest of the McCallisters. However, the family runs past them and into their sign ruining it, as they rush to get to the phones in order to make a call to Chicago, leaving Rob, Georgette, and their kids in complete shock.
  • Apparently he and Kevin are very close because in the second movie, Kevin says, "It's me. Your favorite nephew Kevin." Although it's possible Kevin made this up.
  • It is possible that his birth name is either Robert or Robin, as he is only addressed as Rob. The same thing may also apply to his son, Rod, who was born either Roderick or Rodney.
  • According to the first film's original script, Rob booked the US-based McCallisters on an Air France flight from Chicago to Paris vice versa. The airline was changed to American Airlines in the final film and the reasons for the change remained unknown.
    • It is implied that Rob and his family traveled from New York on Air France during their move.


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