Rod McCallister is the brother of Sondra, Tracy, Brooke, and Fuller, the cousin of Kevin, and the older son of Leslie and Frank McCallister.

Home Alone[edit | edit source]

Rod is first seen near the entrance of the McCallister home, where burglar Harry, disguised as a cop, attempts to get his attention. Like most of the family, Rod ignores him.

Rod soon moves up to Buzz's room, where he examines his pet tarantula. After a brief conversation about French women and Kevin joining them, Buzz ushers the two toward the window to look at Old Man Marley, wherein he tells them of Marley's past as a serial killer. As Marley looks up at them, Rod. Buzz, and Kevin quickly pull the curtains shut.

Rod is next seen eating pizza with the McCallisters. Along with the rest of the family, he stares irately at Kevin after he fights with Buzz over pizza and spills milk on the plane tickets.

The next morning, Rod wakes up late due to the electrical outage and hurriedly prepares for the trip. Once outside, he shoves Megan's bag away after she tries to hand it to him.

Once Kevin wakes up, he calls for Rod, not realizing that he has left along with the rest of the family.

After the family arrives in Paris, Rod is seen playfully attempting to grab his glasses back after Jeff steals them. He does not appear concerned about Kevin and stays behind with his parents and siblings.

Home Alone 2: Lost in New York[edit | edit source]

Rod first appears where the family is getting ready for the Christmas pageant the night before the trip to Florida. After Buzz has gotten Kevin into trouble, he and his family are back at the house, where everyone claps.

The next day, after the family has arrived in Miami, his uncle, Peter passes Kevin's suitcase all the way to his brother, Fuller, but as he notices that Kevin was missing, he passes the suitcase all the way back, saying, "Kevin's not here!", to his aunt, Kate who tells Peter, and Kate sarcastically laughs and realizes that Kevin is missing again a year in a row.

Later, as the family is watching It's A Wonderful Life dubbed in Spanish in their hotel room at Villa De Dolphine (which did not look bad on his parents' honeymoon, according to Frank), they receive word that Kevin is in New York City, and so everyone happily packs up and heads to the Big Apple.

The next day is Christmas and the family receives a load of gifts in their suite at the Plaza Hotel from Mr. Duncan. Rod smiles at Kevin and claps for him.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In the script for Home Alone, Rod is described as "thin and lanky, dull, and bookish".
  • In the script for Home Alone 2, Kevin asks Rod to help him tie his tie. Rod replies that he does not wear ties, as he has "an image to protect".

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