The lawnmower was used by Alex Pruitt as one of his traps in Home Alone 3.

Home Alone 3

When Burton Jernigan goes into the shed to get a ladder, he sees a pair of shoes sticking out of the ceiling. Thinking its Alex, Jernigan pulls the legs down and realizes its a stuffed monkey. When he looks up, he realizes that he triggered the lawnmower and it falls down on him. As Jernigan gets up, he notices a piece of his hair and realizes the lawnmower gave him a horrible haircut which causes him to freak out.

Known victims


  • Alex is the first character to use a lawnmower as a booby trap.
  • The stuffed monkey was tied on the lawnmower's cord that would be turned on if someone pulled the monkey.
  • Lawnmowers are pretty dangerous and could kill somebody.
  • Kevin used the lawnmower in the novelization of Home Alone 2 narrated by Tim Curry, wherein the trap was completeley similar to that of Alex's but had Marv as its victim.
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