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The seesaw was a board on a fulcrum, ridden by two children on either end.


Hey, guys! Smile! - Home Alone 2 (1992)

Harry and Marv posing for a picture after springing Kevin's seesaw trap

With a wooden plank and a bucket, Kevin McCallister built a crude seesaw while Marv Murchins and Harry Lyme were robbing Duncan's Toy Chest. After Kevin broke the store's window to blow their cover, Harry and Marv ran after him, unaware of the trap Kevin had set.

When Harry stepped on one end of the seesaw, he realized it was a trap and tried to stop Marv, but Marv ignored him and jumped onto the other end of the seesaw, sending Harry into the air and causing him to fall onto a car.

Marv found Harry being flung from the seesaw "incredible", while Harry, annoyed, mumbled angrily as Marv helped him up.


  • While both burglars sprung the trap, Harry was the real victim while Marv was simply an agent in his circumstance.
  • Unlike playground seesaws, this seesaw was made out of a bucket and a long piece of wood.
  • Kevin is the first character to use a seesaw as trap.