Sinclair is the main antagonist in Home Alone: The Holiday Heist. He is one of the boss of Jessica and Hughes.


Sinclair is a mean and brave man who has two co-workers. He has a never give up attitude when he tries to steal "the Widow." He wants to accomplish his goal by getting his Gigi(the Widow) back. When he steps into a trap, he gets scared when he thinks its a ghost. He seems to hate kids especially Finn Baxter and his sister, Alexis Baxter when he and his crew finds them home alone.


Welcome Mr. Hughes.

How fascinating. Why don't you just shut up.

You, Mr. President, get into the garage (to Hughes).


  • He is portrayed by Malcolm McDowell.
  • Sinclair is the first villain to be old.
  • He is the 4th character to be the leader of his fellow villains besides Harry Lyme, Petr Beaupre, and Marv Murchins(leader in the fourth Home Alone movie).
  • Sinclair sometimes calls Hughes Ronald Reagan and Mr. President.
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