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Sondra McCallister is Buzz, Jeff, Heather, Kevin, Linnie, and Megan's cousin, sister of Tracy, Brooke, Rod, and Fuller, and the second daughter of Leslie and Frank McCallister. Sondra is one of the very nicer characters and doesn't have that many lines.

Home Alone[]

Sondra is first seen getting ready to go on the families' flight to Paris, France. When Harry, who was playing as a cop, asks Sondra if her parents are at Kevin's home, she says they are, but that they do not live there. Sondra is then seen eating pizza and gets angry with the rest of the McCallister family when Kevin gets into a fight with Buzz over cheese pizza. She glares at Kevin while wiping spilled milk. The next morning as the family sleeps in because of a electricity surge Sondra is seen rushing to the airport with her family to catch the flight that they thought they were going to miss, but made it on time. She then realizes that Kevin is missing and is worried about him not making the flight. Sondra is also seen in her Uncle Rob's apartment watching a movie It's a Wonderful Life when her father Frank brings in an appetizer of shrimp.

Home Alone 2: Lost in New York[]

In Home Alone 2, her sister Tracy ask has if anyone has seen her sunblock, to which Sondra replies "What's the point of going to Florida if you’re gonna put on sunblock?" She is later seen with the rest McCallisters staring at Kevin after the Christmas pageant fiasco. Like in the first film, she is seen rushing to the airport with her family. When they finally got to Miami, then she is seen passing bags forwards while saying "give this to Kevin."She is then seen later seen passing bags backwards while saying "Kevin is not here." Later in the movie, she's happy to hear from the police about Kevin's location and the family take a flight to New York.

On Christmas morning at the Plaza Hotel, she clapped for Kevin.

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