Stanley "Stan" Pruitt is the older brother of Alex and Molly, and the oldest child of the Pruitts.

Home Alone 3[edit | edit source]

Like Molly and the family parrot, Stan shows disrespect to Alex at first. But later, after Stan discovered that Alex was probably in danger because of intercepting a top-secret electronic device that was stolen by a group of international criminals working for a terrorist organization, and then learned that Alex had survived and fought off the criminals all by himself, Stan was impressed. He shook Alex's hand while remarking that what he did was great.

Stan is last seen with the Pruitts, Mrs. Hess and the FBI agents when his father returns. He remarked that the computer company that got their chip boosted was giving Alex a reward, which Molly revealed was a six-figure sum of money, which she thought was "extremely cool".

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • He has a few similarities to Buzz McCallister from the original two films on account that he seldom bullies Alex.
  • Just like Buzz, he is also a sports enthusiast, as evidenced that he plays a mini basketball set in his room and that he is a member of the hockey team in their school.
  • What sets him different from Buzz is that he is shown to have great concern for his younger brother Alex when the FBI reveals to his family that he is in danger after his interception of the highly classified computer chip.
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