Agent Stuckey is an FBI agent who's looking for the missile cloaking chip that the four thieves stole from the Axis computer company.

Home Alone 3[edit | edit source]

At the FBI Building in San Francisco, California, Agent Stuckey and other FBI agents were informed that Petr Beaupre, Earl Unger, Burton Jernigan and Alice Ribbons stole a missile chip from a nearby DOD contractor in Silicon Valley. Stuckey believes that the four thieves are still somewhere in United States.

Later, his co-agent, Rogers reported to him that a boy named Alex Pruitt found the chip in a toy car. The FBI goes to Chicago and meets Karen Pruitt (along with Alex's siblings, Stan and Molly Pruitt) at Molly's and Stan's school. Stuckey thought that Stan called the Air Force about the chip, but Karen realized that Alex was the one who had done that. The Pruitts take the FBI to their home, where they arrest Unger, Jernigan and Ribbons. Alex returns the chip to Stuckey, and after 7 years, he (and some other officers and/or agents) finally arrests Beaupre after fireworks go off at the snow fort.

Stuckey is later seen with other agents, the police and the Pruitts celebrating at the Pruitt family home.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • His first name is unknown.
  • Stuckey and a few other agents are the first FBI agents to appear in the Home Alone movies.
  • According to himself, Stuckey's been trying to track down and arrest Petr Beaupre for 7 years; however, he always managed to get away until Stuckey finally succeeded.
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