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Vera Murchins was the wife of Marv Murchins.



Originally, Marv was partnered with a fellow criminal named Harry Lyme, but after their plans were thwarted numerous times by a kid named Kevin McCallister resulting in imprisonment, Marv decided to sever ties with him and later met Vera. The pair married and became partners-in-crime, with Marv believing that he is the boss (when in fact his mother Molly acted as the mastermind).

Home Alone 4[]

Vera first appears in a van with Marv. Vera and Marv go to Peter and Natalie's house. When they are in there Kevin turns on the water and Marv and Vera get wet. They keep triggering Kevin's traps until they fly on the chandelier and then they fall off. Peter, Buzz, and Megan return and see the Murchins on the floor. After the defeat of Molly merchant, the 2 tried to escape from the house, but are tripped by Buzz and Megan and they sit on the criminals (Buzz sits on Marv and Megan sits on Vera). When the police arrive, they arrest the Murchins and take them to jail. 


Although she is married to Marv, they appear to be in a love-hate relationship, exchanging insults and blows to each other at different times. She's taller than Marv.


(Response to Marv about his motto) "A boy scout.".

(To Marv about the stove while disguised as a caterer) "Marv, you're on fire."

(To Marv about Kevin) "You're not even as smart as this kid, who in case you hadn't noticed, is totally kicking our butts."

(To Marv while trying to get the dumbwaiter off his head) "Hang on, baby!"


  • Vera is the wife of Marv and daughter-in-law of Molly Murchins.
  • She takes Marv's place as the secondary antagonist.
  • Vera met Marv in prison.
  • She speaks with an urban vernacular.
  • Vera's height is 6'5"